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  • December 2016 Issue

    Self-Management Targets Corporate Success

    By Nataša Kubíková
    The Egyptian oil and gas industry has been challenged most recently over its people development structures and processes. Schemes for the development of technical and non-technical employees can translate into companies’ success or failure.

  • December 2016 Issue

    Learning to Manage Change as a Fixed Component

    By Nataša Kubíková
    Two Egyptian companies, Middle East Oil Refinery (Midor) and Tharwa Petroleum Company, launched their alternative Leadership Development Program (LDP) some 11 months ago. The joint initiative has marked a significant success for both partners.

  • December 2016 Issue

    PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT Challenges in MENA Region

    Oil and gas industry, like any other business, operates in an ever changing environment and un-der the stress of increased competition. It is therefore imperative for companies to establish via-ble policies to govern their internal development of human capital, stated Chairperson and Gen-eral Manager of Team Misr (TEAM), an Egyptian independent engineering and management consultancy firm, Dr. Helmy Sallam.

  • December 2016 Issue


    By Eng. Ahmed El Ibyari, M.Sc., ACC, CEO & Coaching Partner at Intellect TDH
    In my line of work as an executive and business coach, I get the chance to work closely with employees across all levels of the organization. One of the main challenges that most people face is finding the right balance between the different aspects of their lives. The common question that I usually get when I deliver work-life balance workshop for employees or business owners is this “Can it be done?”.

  • August 2016 Issue

    Empowerment through Innovative Strategic Management

    Midor&Tharwa tandem appears resolute in its intention to enhance human resources capacities of the two companies in order to withstand the current oil price environment. Both teams continue implementing a tailored Leadership Development Program (LDP) in cooperation with Team Misr intensively.

  • July 2016 Issue

    Midor & Tharwa United in People Development

    Cost reductions in the oil sector seem to hit hardest human resources (HR) departments. In Egypt, this practice is argued by many to be detrimental to the companies themselves. Others point out that this approach may undermine economic prospects of the entire country as the oil and gas sector is strategic for Egypt and forms a core pillar of its future development.