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  • April 2011 Issue

    PICO DFT hits new records

    Upon the performed work with all of Petrogulf Misr, Amapetco, Waha Oil Company and Vegas; a new success was proved within the trial well 113-159 in Sinai that belong to Balayim Petroleum Company ''Petrobel''. The evaluation report from Petrobel was indicating a new record in their field regarding drilling days, performance and the total mud cost.

  • April 2011 Issue


    RHELIANT - A new synthetic-base mud designed to provide better drilling performance with flat rheological properties for deepwater and-or cold environment.

  • May 2011 Issue

    GALIOM Makes Inspection Data Acquisition an Easy Job

    Carrying out technical inspections and compiling inspection data is laborious work. Oil and gas operators spend millions on having their platforms and pipelines inspected and wall thickness data collected. While electronic data loggers, which record data over time or in relation to location, are commercially available and used extensively, data reporting is often done manually using paper forms. Electronic data is rarely kept in a centralized database.