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  • September 2016 Issue

    REMEMBERING DR. HAMDI EL BANBI The Father of Egypt’s Oil and Gas Industry

    Dr. Hamdi El Banbi, a petroleum engineer, who led Egypt’s Oil Ministry between 1991 and 1999, suddenly passed away at the age of 81 on August 11th 2016.
    Dr. Hamdi El Banbi has left behind a massive legacy that will continuously impact the Egyptian oil and gas industry. His inputs will serve as guiding principles for future visions and missions of the country’s different energy sectors, promising to boost its potential and capacity. His achievements range across various segments of the industry.

  • April 2013 Issue

    Sino Tharwa Drilling Company

    Sino Tharwa Drilling Company is the second largest land-drilling contractor in Egypt. Recently the company initiated efforts to expand into the offshore industry as well. With extensive financial and logistical support from China and Egypt, SinoTharwa provides drilling and work-over rigs to the oil and gas industry in Egypt. SinoTharwa has maintained a strong presence in Egypt since its inception eight years ago. The company benefited greatly from solid support of both Chinese and Egyptian backers as well as a motivated and well-experienced management team.