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  • January 2017 Issue


    By Nataša Kubíková
    Speaking with Egypt Oil&Gas, His Excellency ENG. TAREK EL MOLLA introduces Egypt's Oil and Gas Sector Modernization Program.

  • December 2016 Issue


    By Amira S. Badawey
    Egypt Oil&Gas met with Eng. MOHAMED BADR, the Chairman of Oil & Gas Skills (OGS), in an exclusive interview to discuss OGS’s role in people development within the Egyptian oil and gas sector. OGS’ Senior Consultant, Geologist MOSTAFA EL BAHR, was also present during the interview and offered his insightful comments on the subject matter.

  • November 2016 Issue

    Investments in Egypt Yield Immediate Return

    Egypt Oil&Gas sat down with Deputy CEO of Production at the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC), DIAA ELDIN M. KASSEM, in an exclusive interview to discuss the role of International Oil Companies within the Egyptian upstream market.

  • November 2016 Issue

    Apex International Energy: READY TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE

    A new player has entered the Egyptian oil and gas industry and is ready for business. Apex International Energy launched its presence in Egypt with a New Cairo office and an initial investment commitment of up to $500 million from Warburg Pincus. Apex is energetic, enthusiastic, and eager to grow hydrocarbon production in the country in an effort to create value and make a difference.

  • July 2016 Issue

    Collaboration as a Game Changer

    At the time ENG. SALEM HASSAN ABDALLAH joined Suez Oil Company (SUCO) as its Chairman, the oil prices witnessed a major downfall, which “has become a serious problem for all the companies,” as he said in an exclusive interview with Egypt Oil&Gas.

  • June 2016 Issue


    At the Egypt Oil&Gas Newspaper’s (EOG) Annual Convention, EOG had a pleasure of meeting Transglobe Energy Country Manager &Director and Chairman of the Brownfields Technical Committee, BRIAN TWADDLE, to discuss the most burning issues related to improving the investment environment in Egypt, consolidation of the Joint Venture companies (JVs), and unexplored cooperation potential with the service sector.

  • May 2016 Issue

    Gas Flaring Reduction is Possible

    The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in cooperation with the Egyptian oil sector held a prominent workshop on gas flaring reduction in the oil and gas sector in March 2016. At the Cairo event, Egypt Oil&Gas had an opportunity to meet EBRD’s Associate Director, CRISTIAN CARRARETTO, to discuss the Bank’s support for the country in - what has already become - a global initiative - Zero Routine Flaring by 2030 - to eliminate routine gas flaring detrimental to the oil and gas industry in economic terms, to the country’s social development, and most alarmingly to environmental concerns.

  • February 2016 Issue

    PARALLEL PATHS: Energy Reform in Egypt and Jordan

    Exclusive Interview with H.E Khaled Irani, Former Energy Minister of Jordan, exploring the remarkable similarities between Jordan’s past experience and Egypt’s current challenges.

  • January 2016 Issue

    Service Companies: Between Innovation and Oil Prices

    An Interview with Baker Hughes Vice President, Jerome Jammal, to explore the pressure of dropping oil prices on the current climate for service companies.

  • December 2015 Issue

    Interview with the Vice Chairman for Gas Regulatory Affairs, ENG. AMIRA AL MAZNI

    To every storm there is an eye, a core to the problem. And for Egypt, the core is natural gas. The Egyptian energy mix is heavily skewed towards natural gas, which is used for electricity generation, feedstock for factories, processing petroleum products, transportation and for residential and commercial venues.