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  • August 2007 Issue

    Deep Water Drilling… A New Horizon to Magnetize More Investments

    With recent developments in the market it appears that Egyptian crude oil production has the potential to rise. In fact, the ratio of crude oil recovery at the various wells in the Gulf of Suez has the ability to increase to more than 40%, compared to 20% currently. This increase in production, in general for all of Egypt, can be achieved through the intensification of upstream works, particularly in the Mediterranean deep water as well as the Western Desert and the utilization of updated technologies along with enhanced oil recovery methods.

  • July 2007 Issue

    The art of bribery: What not to do

    Since the early ages, gold and money have been one of the easiest ways to seduce people, and, as Shakespeare said, gold can buy everything, including people’s professional ethics. The petroleum sector was struck by surprise after several cases of bribery and corruption were filed against a People’s Assembly member and top officials over the past few months.

  • April 2007 Issue

    Subsidies in Egypt: An issue too hot to touch or too cold to change?

    Subsidies have become the keyword to an ongoing controversy in the Egyptian energy sector. Arguments swinging between keeping and lifting oil and gas subsidies have raised concerns about the negative effects of “inefficiency” in implementing the subsidization system; its threats endangering the future of energy reserves and its state of being an economic burden on the government. Egypt Oil & Gas Newspaper examines the different perspectives of this debate

  • May 2007 Issue

    Middle East Oil Refining… more success yet to come

    The refining industry is one of the most vital strategic industries on both levels, locally and internationally, as it is considered a main source for ensuring the needs of petroleum products and producing high quality products to confront international competition

  • June 2007 Issue

    Opening the community chest for the best

    Egypt is one of the pioneers in the Middle East to penetrate the oil and gas industry. The Middle East’s first oil refinery was built in the Egyptian port city of Alexandria in 1911. Since then, the petroleum industry has almost covered every part of the country; but some territories were not ready for exploration yet, such as Upper Egypt. However, this is no longer the case as a national plan has been set to explore this area. Nevertheless, during this process we are faced with several questions related to the future of oil and gas projects. How will the Ministry of Petroleum and the Egyptian government solve the obstacles hindering the achievement of this national plan?

  • February 2007 Issue

    The red alarm

    In tackling the issue of security, there are three types of security vulnerability in the region; violent attacks and explosions, absence of safety regulations, as well as corruption.

  • January 2007 Issue

    GUPCO Renovates, Gulf of Suez Generates

    Renovations made to GUPCO sites will add more production to reserves. What scientists predicted to be the production rate of petroleum in the Gulf of Suez in the 1960s has proved to be much more.

  • December 2006 Issue

    Brent spooked by political uncertainty

    A look at the international political scene in 2006 and its effect on Brent prices.