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  • October 2007 Issue

    Ramadan Programs

    As we all know, during the holy month of Ramadan TV provides a massive collection of Arabic shows, series, cooking and religious programs. Ramadan programs give a whole new meaning to being a couch potato, jumping from one series to another. There are a wide variety of series tackling important issues occurring within our society. Below are listed some of these series with a brief description of each.

  • August 2007 Issue

    More than just a beach

    Are you feeling exhausted? Are you tired of doing the same thing at work every day? Have you thought about how you will spend your summer vacation? Will it be relaxing at the beach, visiting some historical monuments and museums, seeing some of Egypt's religious relics or talking a desert trip and enjoying the natural beauty of
    Safari Egypt?

  • September 2007 Issue

    Welcoming the Month of Mercy

    Do you miss the sound of the ancient canons from the Citadel announcing Iftar and the religious and cozy atmosphere of children playing in the streets with lanterns? Are you nostalgic for the mesaharaty walking around your neighborhood banging on a drum to wake people from their sleep for the suhu? At long last, the spiritual, religious, holy month that all Muslims have been waiting for is around the corner.