Issue: September 2012



  • The New Minister of Petroleum: Has the Sector Found Its Saviour?

    The appointment of Eng. Osama Kamal to the post of Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources proved to be a surprise to many, prompting varied predictions and expectations. Egypt Oil & Gas weighs in on the new man in charge and his prospects for success.

  • Subsidies Readjustment: Paving a Path to the Poor

    The subsidies dilemma is witnessing more and more relevance as the situation becomes unsustainable and the national economy buckles under the strain. The new minister of petroleum will have his hands full attempting to balance economic wisdom and public need.

  • The Commodity Dictates the Trade

    In the twentieth century, we used to characterize the different markets according to the supply-demand balance and whether it is favoring the sellers or the buyers in any trade regardless of the commodity being traded.

  • CO2 Miscible Flooding Application To Egyptian Western Desert Oil Fields

    CO2 miscible flooding has become an important method in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) for recovering residual bypassed oil, and in addition it may help in protection of the environment as CO2 is widely viewed as an important agent in global warming.

  • Monthly News

    News of the month, know more about the recent activities this industry has shown during August 2012.