Issue: September 2011



  • Historic downgrade shocks the Mideast markets

    The shocking, yet expected, decision of Standard & Poor's (S&P) to cut the U.S. level one notch to AA+ from its top AAA rating has negatively affected most of the markets worldwide, including the Middle Eastern and African ones. But, how far would this slump affect the oil industry, worldwide in general and in the Arab world in specific?

  • Settlement of Outstanding Debts: The EGPC’s Sole Solution Sustaining Steady Foreign Investment

    Amid these unprecedented and turbulent times Egypt is undergoing, the Egyptian Petroleum sector continues to face significant obstacles that threaten to impede the stability of oil and gas production. At the forefront of these obstacles stands the problem of outstanding debts owed to foreign petroleum corporations by the Egyptian government, which have currently reached over $4 billion

  • EOG Ramadan Petroleum Soccer Tournament ’11 The Egyptian Revolution Edition

    For the fifth consecutive year, Egypt Oil & Gas organized the Ramadan Petroleum Soccer Tournament, which has become the premier social event in the oil and gas industry over the years.

  • HPHT: The Emerging Technical Challenge for Egypt

    Given the demand for natural gas in Egypt and the recent success exploring for gas focused upon deeper targets, there is an increasing need for solutions to address the challenges of high pressure and high temperature drilling environments. "Conventional" Miocene targets in the Nile Delta and Mediterranean Sea have relatively benign drilling and completion conditions; temperatures rarely exceed 150 degC and pressures are less than 10kpsi. However, for deeper Oligocene targets, where total depths can exceed 6000 meters, temperatures have approached and/or exceeded 200 degC. And, although expected formation pressure for these deeper targets is - by global standards - not so extreme (i.e. less than 15,000 PSI), equivalent circulating density (ECD) windows are extremely tight, and therefore pore pressure management is essential for a successful drilling campaign

  • Monthly News

    News of the month, know more about the recent activities this industry has shown during August 2011.