Issue: September 2008



  • From one crisis to another

    A shortage of subsidized 80-octane gas has spread from Greater Cairo to other parts of the country, as the gasoline completely disappeared from gas stations in light of drivers' rush to buy it due to its low price

  • Booming increase in the phosphate market

    Since the initiation of the Abu Tartour phosphate project any Egypt three years ago, no fruitful production or achievement were made as planned, leading to an enormous economic loss and a wide public opposition blaming the government for this failure! However, the current unparalleled alternations dominating the phosphate market worldwide has brought lights of hope

  • Sigma Guard EHB

    "Resistant for many chemicals plus potable water and sea water"

  • What is Storage Virtualization? Part I

    As discussed before in the previous episode "How to select Mid Range Storage?", Fiber Channel Storage category selection is a critical process that needs proper sizing in order to have the best fit solution and gain the intended benefits of SAN Storage Solutions.

  • Monthly News

    News of the month, know more about the recent activities this industry has shown during August 2008.