Issue: September 2007



  • The Present May Be Brown, but the Future is Green

    Several operators have taken it upon themselves to rejuvenate the production rates of aging wells across the world and have managed to succeed without a loss of revenue, transforming their stories into leading examples of accomplishment for the world to follow.

  • Going Indian

    Thriving political relations between Egypt and India are best reflected in growing investments in the oil industry.

  • Street Gas Sellers: Legality Won’t Bring Home the Bacon

    For a standard home, the supplies for water, electricity and phones are undoubtedly fundamental. But considering the equipments by which no house can go on without, gas cylinders would be necessarily added to the list.

  • Welcoming the Month of Mercy

    Do you miss the sound of the ancient canons from the Citadel announcing Iftar and the religious and cozy atmosphere of children playing in the streets with lanterns? Are you nostalgic for the mesaharaty walking around your neighborhood banging on a drum to wake people from their sleep for the suhu? At long last, the spiritual, religious, holy month that all Muslims have been waiting for is around the corner.

  • As Thrilling As Expected

    The National Football League kicked off with lots of surprises.

  • The Battle for Barrels: Peak Oil Myths & World Oil Futures

    Revolving around the ongoing controversy that the era of oil usage is fading away as overly-produced discoveries have led to an oil peak, endangering the world's stability, Duncan Clarke issued his piece of art "The Battle for Barrels: Peak Oil Myths and World oil Futures" in which he demonstrates that "the doom and gloom of the Peak Oil theory is mistaken."

  • What If Oil Refineries were not invented?

    Crude oil is never extracted pure from wells. It is always mixed with hundreds of different genres of hydrocarbons which should be separated to get useful substances. Thanks to Oil Refineries, the separation process has become easy and quick. But, how what would this process be like if refineries were not invented?

  • Monthly News

    News of the month, know more about the recent activities this industry has shown during August 2007.