Issue: October 2009



  • When lack of expertise strengthens capabilities!

    Though the headline sounds illogical, it is true that the lack of expertise in any industry, especially in the highly dynamic ones such as the petroleum industry, should be a motivating reason for strengthening the capabilities and skills of existent personnel and paving the way for more professional cadres to emerge in order to be the right work guidance for the middle-age and fresh employers

  • Desertec… The new initiative of Siemens

    Revealing its most recent project for a sustainable supply of energy, Peter Löscher, the Chief Executive Officer of Siemens AG – sheds light on the company’s initiative, "Desertec", describing it as a new generation for renewable energy

  • Gas reserves up, prices down

    The riddle of natural gas prices is still puzzling the experts and analysts who failed to reach an accurate reason behind the sliding prices of natural gas, despite the beginning of seasonal hurricanes usually leading to high prices and more demand

  • One step forward

    Despite the extensive dispute in Israel, the Israel Electric Corporation agreed to pay much more for the Egyptian natural gas

  • Chinese oil heads straight to Iran

    Chinese state companies have started last month supplying Iran with oil without intermediaries

  • UNESCO slump

    Irina Bokova was elected UNESCO Director General in a suspenseful fifth round to defeat the Egyptian candidate Farouk Hosny

  • Monthly News

    News of the month, know more about the recent activities this industry has shown during September 2009.