Issue: November 2009



  • Mixed reactions… with or against the subsidies removal!

    Despite the recent campaign waged by an independent newspaper about the cancelation of energy subsidies followed by a series of ministers’ announcements last month, it did not in fact catch the eye as the government’s decision is a one-year old

  • Mansora’s horizontal success in Delta

    Since its establishment in 2004, El-Mansoura Petroleum Co has been recognized by a series of oil and gas significant discoveries and known for its considerable achievements over the past five years, since it has commenced its operations, which is a short period of time. Eng. Ahmed El-Aidy, Mansoura Chairman recalls the early phases of El-Mansoura, calling himself the "Son of Delta"

  • U.S.A and China: The rapport policy

    The agenda of the next meeting of global climate change, scheduled next December in Copenhagen, focuses on negotiating global agreement for reducing greenhouse gas emissions meeting will include representatives from 200 countries who will gather in this capital. Many analysts in the international community believe that the U.S and China, the world’s dominant producers of carbon emissions, should play a major role to set the agenda for global climate efforts

  • Weaker dollar leads to healthier oil recovery

    The last month witenessed an increase of oil prices, which exceeded the edge of $70 per barrel, reflecting some, regain of the previous session’s losses associated with the beginning of global economic recovery and a weaker U.S dollar

  • Monthly News

    News of the month, know more about the recent activities this industry has shown during October 2009.