Issue: May 2014




  • The Future of Egyp’s Brownfield Development Convention: An Overview of the Workshop

    At this month's convention, "The Future of Egypt's Brownfield Development," Egypt Oil & Gas will host a workshop dedicated to the latest advancements in technology and current case studies related to brownfield development in Egypt.

  • Eng. Tarek El-Barkatawy Chairman and Managing Director of Tanmia Petroleum Company

    Egypt Oil and Gas had the opportunity to interview Eng. Tarek El-Barkatawy Chairman and Managing Director of Tanmia Petroleum Company. The interview addresses Tanmia's activities in the Egyptian oil and gas sector.

  • Interview with BRUNO LESCOEUR

    Edison's CEO Mr. Bruno Lescoeur sheds light on the company's history, motivations and its vision in Egypt during the company's event to celebrate 130 years of existence. The anniversary was attended by key figures from the Egyptian authorities and international energy companies as the attendees gathered to celebrate Edison's 130th birthday.

  • AUC Researchers in Pursuit to Boost Oil Recovery Rates with Nanoparticles

    Although nanotechnology has been applied in the downstream petroleum industry for decades already, it was only in the 2000s that the upstream sector really began to take interest. Since then, research on upstream nanotechnology applications has boomed. In Egypt, this kind of research is conducted at the AUC by Dr. Adel Salem, Assistant Professor of Petroleum and Energy Engineering, and Abdelrahman Ibrahim El-Diasty, Research Assistant at AUC, and a senior student at Suez University.

  • On the Politics of Power Cuts

    At the beginning of The Square - the Oscar-nominated Egyptian documentary which has rapidly become the go-to reference point for people outside the country wanting to understand Egypt's last three years - there is a power cut. Young Egyptians sit joking around a table in the dark. "The lights went out," one says. "Why?"

  • Using the Right Honey to Attract Sweet Local Talent

    Forget millions-the billion-dollar question in the oil and gas industry over the next decade is: How to find the right local talent? With the Big Crew Change due to alter the structure of the industry, oil and gas companies must source qualified new talent who can create and implement new approaches needed to increase oil production in an increasingly complex and competitive industry.


    Progress Report as of September 2013


    Progress Report as of September 2013

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