Issue: May 2013



  • Egypts Natural Gas Dilemma: Prices, Investment, Liberalization, and Geopolitics

    Ranking an impressive twelfth among global exporters in 2009, Egypt initiated natural gas production in the 1980s with a mere 30 billion cubic feet of gas to accommodate domestic consumption. These figures increased steadily over the coming years to reach 518 billion cubic feet in 1999 and 867 billion cubic feet in 2001.

  • Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Egypt’s New Natural Gas Supply Policy

    The decision by the Egyptian government to commit to the long-term domestic supply of natural gas while allowing immediate imports of LNG and the rapid adjustment of domestic prices to reflect the cost of supply to the industry, signals a potentially significant shift in Egypt's energy policy.

  • Egypt’s Might-Have-Been Parliament

    Oil and gas are sovereign resources owned by the Egyptian people. Consequently any business agreements in this sector must be ratified by a parliament serving as the official representative of the Egyptian people. Unfortunately, Egypt's parliament was dissolved in June of 2012, and President Morsi's administration has thus far been unsuccessful in conducting elections that are considered legitimate by Egypt's courts, the opposition, and the broader public. Moreover, it is unlikely that the parliamentary crisis will be resolved in the near future. In the meantime, sectors like oil and gas will remain in a precarious state of suspension.

  • Methods of Natural Gas Transport

    In recent years we have seen extraordinary technological developments in the production of natural gas, which has lead to a significant increase in supply and a sharp drop in prices. As natural gas prices have decreased by more than half in the past five years, production has moved in the opposite direction. In 2011 it totaled 3,276 billion cm, which is about a third more compared to ten years ago.

  • KPC 24” Abu Gharadig-Dahshour Pipeline Repair Project

    The Khalda Petroleum Company is undertaking the 24'' AG/ DAH Pipeline Repair Project. The project is under the supervision of the Project Managers Neil Clark and Engineer Mohamed Ismail, and was contracted by PETROJET.

  • SPE Hosts North Africa Technical Conference and Exhibition

    The North Africa Technical Conference and Exhibition (NATC) took place on April 15th-19th in Cairo. The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) hosted the event with the help of sponsors such as Baker Hughes, Total, Schlumberger and Shell.

  • Enap Sipetrol Sponsors Orphans Day at Awlady Orphanage

    Enap Sipetrol Egypt held their first ever Orphans Day at the Awlady (My Children) Orphanage in Degla, Maadi on April 9th.

  • Dow Chemical Works to Enhance STEM Education In Egypt

    In order to foster a better understanding of worldwide industries and broaden the horizons of students in matters that relate to their fields of interest and studies, Dow Chemical arranged a visit for the Maadi STEM School for Girls on April 3rd. Dow is working to build an innovative and competitive workforce, and create a knowledgeable society that values science and technology through its support for STEM education and careers. As an attempt in innovation, Dow is supporting the Education Consortium for the Advancement of Stem in Egypt (ECASE) project with STEM schools to make a difference for students, educators and academic institutions.

  • Monthly News

    News of the month, know more about the recent activities this industry has shown during April 2013.