Issue: May 2012



  • Smoke and Mirrors: The Cloaked Reality of Halting Gas Exports to Israel

    Egypt's sudden decision to cease exportation of natural gas to Israel owing to an alleged financial dispute is almost certainly politically motivated. While it may seem to be a simple populist push on the surface, the move and the intricacy with which it was executed betray more intricate political considerations. Evidence points to an expertly calculated political maneuver carried out under the cover of a controversial and ripple-inducing shock headline.

  • Visiting Suez Oil Company

    In keeping with our policy of always aspiring to bring the sector's most pressing issues to the surface and report the news from the ground, Egypt Oil & Gas was invited by Eng. Nabil Ali Zaki, Chairman of Suez Oil Company's (SUCO,) to visit two of the company's development concessions, namely Zeit Bay and Ras Budran, which are located in the Eastern Desert and the Sinai Peninsula respectively.

  • Coping with the Zeitgeist… Seeking Solutions for Tomorrow’s Inevitable Complications

    Over the past decade, the development of Egypt's hydrocarbon resources has seen a significant quantitative rise. Investors lay their aggressive exploration and development strategies, and through intensified campaigns, they strive to achieve their desired targets. However, hydrocarbons are and will always be a non-renewable source of energy, which means the diminution of its resources, is inevitable. Egypt's extant conventional petroleum resources are on the verge of depletion, and experts estimate another five to six years before Egypt's finds itself at a juncture that necessitates the implementation of radical changes to the current regulatory framework to be able to resume upstream activities.

  • SandAid Sand Conglomeration: Higher sand-free flow rates, Reduced water production

    On the 12th of April 2012, EGAS hosted a seminar introducing Weatherford's latest SandAid Sand Conglomeration Technology. Presenting the technology was Rami Hamad, Weatherford's MENA Region Business Unit Manager. The seminar attracted the attendance of several petroleum companies such as PHPC, Wastani, Melrose, Rashpetco, Bapetco, Dapetco and Khalda Petroleum.

  • Opportunities for Oil & Gas Service Companies in Africa -2012 and Beyond

    Libya is focusing to reach the oil and gas production of pre-revolution levels soon. Ghana Authorities are building the needed infrastructure for their Oil & Gas new finds.

  • Monthly News

    News of the month, know more about the recent activities this industry has shown during April 2012.