Issue: May 2011



  • Gas contracts review… Weighing the pros and cons

    Whether it is due to public pressure or a necessity that should have been done long time before, the current review of all gas contracts has been the key to put an end to the ongoing controversy in the petroleum sector. Weighing all sides of Egyptian gas exportation is the challenge now to stabilize the gas investments once more.

  • No more production exploitation to please authorities

    Following our aim to be part of the positive change and draw a future scheme for the petroleum sector, Egypt Oil & Gas host a panel discussion about the challenges facing the oil and gas production in the Egyptian petroleum arena.

  • To export or not to export…

    Currently, there is no voice louder in the Ministry of Petroleum than amending the gas contracts with other countries. The people's revolution came to make the voice of the people heard and sometimes a strong factor in changing political scenes. Hence, will all Egyptian gas contracts be reviewed?

  • GALIOM Makes Inspection Data Acquisition an Easy Job

    Carrying out technical inspections and compiling inspection data is laborious work. Oil and gas operators spend millions on having their platforms and pipelines inspected and wall thickness data collected. While electronic data loggers, which record data over time or in relation to location, are commercially available and used extensively, data reporting is often done manually using paper forms. Electronic data is rarely kept in a centralized database.

  • Reservoir Pathway Identification in a Fractured Carbonate Heavy Oil Reservoir

    The Issaran field, situated in the Egyptian Eastern Desert, is one of the few heavy oil fractured carbonate reservoirs in the world. It has an estimated 700 MMBBLS of 10-12 degree API crude in the Upper and Lower Dolomite reservoirs and the deeper Nukhul reservoir with 10% H2S. Production in 2008 was 5000 STBOPD, forecasted to increase to 6000 STBOPD in 2010. A Cyclic Steam Stimulation (CSS) project was started in Issaran in 2006.

  • Unsolved equation: oil prices vs. economic recovery

    Since the oil price hike in summer 2008, the oil prices have been witnessing dramatic decreases worldwide. However, this year, in the shadow of ongoing unrests in the Middle East and Africa region, oil prices have been escalating once more. This price increase is ringing the alert bell; would $100 per barrel harm the economic recovery?

  • Monthly News

    News of the month, know more about the recent activities this industry has shown during April 2011.