Issue: May 2010



  • Mediterranean is the focus

    There is a committee responsible for the development of the Mediterranean and it identifies the production and joint production facilities to maximize the use of those facilities in a simple way to reduce the time and work on a common understanding between global partners in the Mediterranean, Eng. Ismail Karara, the previous first undersecretary for gas affairs in the Egyptian petroleum Ministry, said.

  • Statoil’s offshore faith

    We can manage the challenges since our goal is to be successful in developing our position in the offshore of Egypt, Anders Kullerud, General Manager of Statoil Egypt, emphasized.

  • Deeper drilling, deeper challenges

    With the focus shifting to the potentials of the Mediterranean Sea, the deepwater will be shallow by focusing more on the challenges facing the IOCs at sea

  • The latest technologies in the Mediterranean

    Over the last few years, drilling activities have significantly increased in the Mediterranean. Operators have been mainly focusing on hitting their targets and achieving their well objectives as safely and efficiently as possible. Schlumberger, Halliburton and Weatherford are of the major Service providers in the Mediterranean Sea. Their technologies play a great important role for the offshore operators.

  • Speaking the global offshore language!

    Digging deeper in the offshore industry, obstacles maybe come in hefty numbers, but anyone can notice that the ministry tries to apply the most appropriate strategy to cover the most of challenges

  • PetroMod Petroleum Systems Modeling Software Reducing Exploration Risk

    PetroMod petroleum systems modeling software combines seismic information, well data, and geological knowledge to model the evolution of a sedimentary basin. PetroMod software will predict if, and how, a reservoir has been charged with hydrocarbons, including the source and timing of hydrocarbon generation, migration routes, quantities, and hydrocarbon type in the subsurface or at surface conditions.

  • First HSE Forum in Egypt’s Oil & Gas sector

    In January 2006, Egypt's Oil & Gas Health Safety and Environment (EOGHSE) forum was launched. The forum is chaired by BP Egypt and includes oil and gas upstream and downstream companies operating in Egypt. The forum addresses health, safety and environmental issues with a focus on safety.

  • The Future of the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry to 2020

    GBI Research's report, "The Future of the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry to 2020", provides an in-depth analysis of the offshore oil and gas industry, highlighting the various concerns, shifting trends and emerging regions in the global offshore oil and gas industry. The report also provides in-depth analysis of key trends and challenges faced by the global offshore oil and gas markets.

  • All lies in the infrastructure Part V

    Although the Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum has suspended new gas contracts since June 2008, waiting for a stabilized world price, Egypt has been engaged in many gas export deals and projects, which necessitate a continuous development of the country’s gas infrastructure

  • Monthly News

    News of the month, know more about the recent activities this industry has shown during April 2010.