Issue: May 2009



  • A symphony of continuous discoveries

    Despite the speculations of most analysts expecting the slow down and deterioration of the energy sector in Egypt, Dana Gas has broken these theories through a shower of successful gas discoveries. This is just the beginning and yet more to come, said Dr. Hany El-Sharkawy, Dana Gas Country Director

  • Glimmer of hope in the heart of crisis

    The credit crunch has destroyed faith in the free market ideology, which has dominated the Western economy for a generation. But should it be replaced? Over the coming weeks, a wide debate to be conducted over this controversial political issue

  • When the forgotten becomes the lead

    When it was first produced, it did not have the value it has nowadays. It used to be burnt to get rid of, while now it has become a vital commodity; almost as valuable as oil. Natural gas has been targeted all over the world and Egypt, being classified as the second producer of gas in Africa, after Algeria, measures should be taken into consideration to better utilize and benefit from this gift

  • Weighing the balance after the shut down

    The collapse of oil prices has led many oil producers to pack up their rigs and stow their jacks, yet, some other producers were satisfied by cutting costs. As a matter of fact, many refineries were shut down due to the low oil prices, while others warns that it will lead to a spike of oil prices in the coming years

  • When the G20 met

    The G20 agreed an economic recovery package of more than $1 trillion and new regulations for financial institutions

  • H-1 Device introduces new TPAD cleaning techniques

    While mining no precious (ordinary), semiprecious and precious minerals, such as silver and gold, people learned to extract from the depths of the earth huge amounts of unique mineral resources known as oil which is rightfully called the "black gold"

  • 3M dedicates itself to Fire Protection

    3M offers thousands of innovative solutions to the "Construction Industry" through an extraordinary range of technologies, products and services. From the world's strongest adhesives to vibration dampers and an extensive range of 'Fire Protection products.' Every day, 3M's scientists devote themselves to develop and test innovative fire stop solutions, designed to help save lives.

  • Monthly News

    News of the month, know more about the recent activities this industry has shown during April 2009.