Issue: May 2007



  • Middle East Oil Refining… more success yet to come

    The refining industry is one of the most vital strategic industries on both levels, locally and internationally, as it is considered a main source for ensuring the needs of petroleum products and producing high quality products to confront international competition

  • Turning brown into gold, making new out of old

    Egypt's domestic oil consumption is increasing while production is declining. In order for Egypt to avoid becoming a net importer of oil within the coming 10-20 years, new discoveries need to be found in addition to optimizing its production from existing aging oil wells. Most of Egypt's existing oil wells are considered brownfields, which are defined as mature oil fields in a state of declining production or reaching the end of their productive lives; they are typically over 30 years old. This feature explores the potential gains of optimzing production from mature wells

  • Master plans: Tapping global economy

    After initiating oil, dominating gas, will Egypt master petrochemicals? An interview with HE Eng. Sameh Fahmy, Minister of Petroleum, reveals the ambitions of the sector and recent implementations of master plans

  • Nurturing innovation by providing opportunities

    Dr. Abdel Alim Hashem, professor of Petroleum Engineering at the Cairo University’s Mining, Petroleum and Metallurgical Engineering Department, has over 20 years of experience in drilling engineering, well completion and work over operations, petroleum Economics, petroleum exploration and subsurface geology. Based on his academic experience and knowledge, Dr Hashem discusses the obstacles hindering the development of petroleum engineering in Egypt, defends the academic curriculum from being responsible for the lack of skilled graduates and analyzes the current strategies of the Ministry of Petroleum.

  • End of the Petrodollar Era?

    Iran is urging oil customers to pay in currencies other than the US Dollar. Will this move lure other oil exporting countries in light of the recent decline in Dollar value?

  • The Red End

    The football league title is knocking the Red Devils' doors

  • Egypt Rig Market Report 2007

    Egypt Oil and Gas offers its readers an overview of the Egypt Rig Market Report 2007 that has recently been issued by the company.

  • Meeting Deepwater Drilling Challenges with Invert Emulsion Fluids

    Baroid’s latest clay-freeINNOVERT™ synthetic-base fluid (SBF), based on clay-free ACCOLADE® technology, has delivered exceptional performance on the first nine wells of a new contract with a major operator in ultra-deep water over 5,000 feet offshore West Africa. Based on a low viscosity n-alkane base fluid and built without using the regular organophilic colloidal additives used in conventional invert emulsion fluids, this state-of-the-art drilling fluid represents a quantum leap in deepwater drilling fluid performance.

  • DCS: Your key to digital communication

    Digital Communication Systems® DCS®, was established in August 2000 in Cairo, Egypt, as a soul proprietorship, under investment law No.# 8 Year 1997 for investments and free zones, with a capital of one million Egyptian Pounds.