Issue: March 2011



  • No more drawbacks allowed!

    Solving the negativities of the old regime and calling to bring all corrupted officials to justice should never obscure our vision for the prosperous future, we are dreaming of! This is the time to lay down the foundations of an industry that has been long outing for more reform!

  • The other face of revolution

    Egypt has been wholly transformed, whether socially, economically or politically. Over the past weeks, analysts have been observing the changes and studying the various effects of such transformation of the whole country in general and of the petroleum sector in specific. The question that should be raised, to which extent has the petroleum industry been affected?

  • How eligible is the new minister?

    The wave of change has dominated every aspect in the Egyptian society. The Petroleum Sector has had its share of alterations that led to the appointment of a new Petroleum Minister, Eng. Mahmoud Latif, Chairman of EGAS. Though it is known that this interim cabinet is selected to conduct workflow for six months only, there is a long list of reforms and demands that is required to be fulfilled by Eng. Latif

  • Rising to the challenge

    The newly appointed Petroleum Minister Eng. Mahmoud Latif will start his first days with a working agenda that is filled with lots of tribulations. The new ministry came knowing that their working table overflowing with controversial contracts, late deals, $6 million petroleum debt, and labor strikes await to be solved in such critical time

  • Breakthrough in 2011 E&P spending

    Global exploration and production spending is forecast to rise 11% in 2011 from $442 billion in 2010 to $490 billion. This increase will be driven by spending gains in Latin America, the Middle East North Africa and Southeast Asia.

  • Monthly News

    News of the month, know more about the recent activities this industry has shown during February 2011.