Issue: March 2010



  • Industry Lacks Service Quality

    Providing the higher quality became the key factor for service companies in Egypt without taking their eyes off the price aspect to keep themselves within the competition

  • El-Khazindar: Aiming to take service quality to the next level

    Operating in Egypt since 1937, Yasser El-Khazindar, Vice President and General Manager – East Mediterranean of Schlumberger, stressed that despite the variation of ranks from one market segment to another, Schlumberger currently holds the top rank in the Egyptian market segments altogether

  • MI SWACO introduces new technologies for the deep water activities

    Due to acknowledging foreign experience, Hazem El Shaife, MI Swaco Country Manager emphasizes that new technologies in Egypt and the Middle East are always subjected to prices, not all the operators see the value of new technologies especially at the beginning awing to its high-cost

  • Can we change our mindset?

    Though in many countries Integrated Services (IS) is the only way to conduct business, Magdy Wedad, Managing Director of PICO Energy Petroleum Integrated Services, clarifies the values of implementing the IS concept in Egypt

  • MOVA’s upgrade hits the oil & gas logistics sector

    Mrs. Mahy Tousson, Managing Director of MOVA Transportation & Oil Services, Drexel Oilfield Equipment (Egypt), states that MOVA will start offering global freight forwarding services, airfreight as well as seafreight to and from Egypt within the next coming weeks.

  • All lies in the infrastructure Part III

    As highlighted in the previous part, the increasing production of petroleum products has to have an equal increasing grid of pipeline infrastructure, with an appropriate capacity suitable to transmit the quantities of products to various areas of the country. Therefore, how far does the current transmission pipeline system facilitate/accommodate the transmission process? What are the future expansion plans?

  • ACT Model summarizes Organizational Success

    Many organizations develop great vision/mission statements yet are unable to implement them. After researching a number of organizations with particular concentration on Gulf countries, we have determined that there are three major cornerstones that an organization must have in place; Organizational Alignment, Open Communication, and Functional Trust (ACT) in order to succeed

  • Unexpected amelioration in the rig market

    The egyptian petroleum sector is on the verge of a huge change in its rig market, due to the recent exploration bids offered by the government in the Mediterranean, Gulf of Suez, Eastern and Western desert, Nile delta and Sinai.

  • Innovative technique inhibits post fracturing water productions using relative permeability modifiers

    Hydraulic fracturing has proven to be extremely beneficial for almost all different kinds of reservoirs in the Western Desert of Egypt, with approximately 70% of the production resulting out of this stimulation technique. However, a deterrent to fracturing in many cases has been the proximity of the producing zones to underlying (or overlying) water zones, either located near the water-oil contact or the producing zones adjacent to water bearing zones.

  • Drilling through service pricing combat

    After suffering from the brutal challenge between service companies by competitors' system of lowering prices, fears began to emerge for monopolizing the market through lowering prices

  • Southeast Asia Rig Market Challenge

    By 25 active operators in Southeast Asia with 46 rigs, the contracting conditions have been challenging due to the collapse in crude oil prices while exploration and production spending have pressured both utilization and day rates in the region

  • ”Be afraid…” – HSE Chair warns the energy industry

    Never allow short-term business pressures to blind you to the real and potentially devastating human and business consequences of neglecting process safety and asset integrity', is the warning the Chair of the Health and Safety Executive gave to an international audience of oil and gas experts.

  • Monthly News

    News of the month, know more about the recent activities this industry has shown during February 2010.