Issue: March 2009



  • $725-million program to develop Gupco’s fields and Rehab production facilities

    The year of challenges! This is how Geologist Mohamed Refaat Khafagy, Chairman and Managing Director of the Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company (GUPCO), described the company’s plan in 2009, where the main focus revolves around field development and production optimization to achieve production forecast

  • PICO 4 to foster the integrated service concept in Egypt

    PICO '4', the world's largest and most technically advanced liftboat sets to change the mindset of workover in the GOS. Sherif Wadood, Managing Director of PICO Energy Holding, sheds light on how it would be of benefit to the market

  • Field Development back on track!

    When the wheel of new explorations slows down, costs become unaffordable, and new investments draw back, then it is time to get back to the old fields and turn on the engine of development. In the shadow of the current global economic crisis, initiating new E&P projects is no longer on the top of list set by the petroleum companies this year, therefore the most suitable alternative to keep an ongoing oil and gas production is summarized in two words; Field Development

  • Diversification of energy resources

    It is no longer knotty to imagine Egyptian gas flowing into Europe by 2013
    Last month, Budapest hosted a significant summit bringing together presidents and heads of governments who represent the potential partners for a gigantic 3,300-km gas pipeline, Nabucco. Worth $12 billion, this pipeline is to transport gas from the Caspian Basin and Central Asia via Georgia and Turkey to Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, and Austria, circumventing Russia, central to the EU’s energy diversification strategy.

  • More exclamation marks

    Egyptian Appeals Court overturns November ruling cancelling gas export deal between Israel and Egypt
    The Supreme Administrative Court canceled the First Instance Court’s ruling to stop gas exports to Israel, thereby accepting the appeal that was filed by the government. The court explained that the decision to sell surplus gas to the Eastern Mediterranean, including Israel, was issued within the scope of the political function of the sovereign government; a sovereignty that the constitutional, administrative and normal judiciary does not control.

  • Moving alone

    Senators in Washington say have reached agreement on a huge economic stimulus package designed to revitalise the U.S. economy

  • Near Bit Sensors Create ‘Formation Evaluation-While-Geosteering’ Capability

    Advances in directional drilling technology have enabled more complex trajectories to be drilled and brought hard-to-reach reservoirs within range. These drilling technology advances have driven the parallel development of near bit sensor technology that serves both the driller and the petrophysicist.
    This “formation evaluation-while-geosteering” capability capitalizes on advances across the spectrum of at-bit sensor technology, from the most fundamental inclination-only sensors for rotary steerable drilling, to an azimuthal focused resistivity sensor with a “resistivity-at-bit” measurement for rotary steerable and motor applications.

  • Monthly News

    News of the month, know more about the recent activities this industry has shown during February 2009.