Issue: March 2008



  • SAPESCO prepares its missiles to penetrate the land of fire!

    Neither five million land mines nor security threats will hinder Sahara Petroleum Services Company S.A.E (Sapesco) from exploiting the lands of the second largest oil reserves country, Iraq. Kurdistan is the next station in the series of Sapesco’s ongoing expansions. Eng. Mamdouh Mahfouz, Sapesco’s President shares the new expansion plans and reveals exclusively to Egypt Oil & Gas Newspaper, for the first time, Sapesco’s 2008 plan to establish the Sahara Petroleum Service Holding Company.

  • GAS -to liquid (GTL): is it an attractive route for gas monetization? Part III

    GAS-to-liquid process involves the conversion of natural gas into a clean source of energy mainly diesel and naphtha.

  • Rashid and Burullus sail in the Mediterranean

    Rashid Petroleum (Rashpetco) and Burullus Gas Co. completed the fourth phase of the renovation and development held in the deep water area, worth $350 million.

  • Tart Field is back with 12 million cubic feet of gas

    The Gulf of Suez Petroleum Co. (GUPCO) has received L.E. 12 million worth production facilities from Petrobel, which serve GUPCO’s plan to increase its natural gas production from Tart Field by an average of 12 million cubic feet of gas per day. Currently, GUPCO’s daily production accounts for 143 million cubic feet per day.

  • The tragedy at the borders…

    A human tragedy unfolded in the past weeks in the Palestinian Gaza Strip after Israel decided to cut fuel and electricity it used to provide for the densely populated area. These cuts, which are intended to pressure Palestinian armed groups to end their rocket attacks launched from Gaza against settlements in southern Israel, had a grave impact on Gaza’s hospitals, water-pumping stations, sewage-treatment facilities, and other infrastructure essential for the well-being of Gaza’s population.

  • Chavez threatens to stop oil exports to US

    It’s as if the US economy was needing yet another setback after the “credit crunch” and soaring oil prices that bordered on the $100 a barrel. Last month President Hugo Chávez launched into an angry tirade about stopping oil exports to the US if petroleum giant Exxon Mobil succeeds in freezing billions of dollars in foreign petroleum assets controlled by Venezuela.

  • Will Russia lead the Natural Gas Cartel?

    It seems that Russia is determined to come back as a key player in the international arena. To achieve this goal, the Russian government has been trying to expand its influence on Europe by tightening its grip on energy sources of the old continent. Indeed the Russian government succeeded at last to sign a landmark agreement with Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan two months ago, by virtue of which the main pipeline connecting natural gas from those two countries to Europe will pass through the Russian territories.

  • Simple, Reliable and Cost-effective Annular Isolation Using Swellable Elastomer Packer Technology

    Reliability, simplicity and operating time are key considerations in designing any drilling and completion program in the oil and gas industry. This is especially true in offshore operations because of the considerably higher daily rig rates and operating costs. But it is also true on land and at remote locations where improved efficiencies are also desired.

  • Improving the Performance of Drilling Fluids in the GOS of Egypt; saving two Casing Strings and completing a stable hole

    A Case History
    A challenging well in the Gulf of Suez of Egypt where the offset wells indicated numerous problems experienced throughout all the wells sections. The Well was drilled where both the 18 5/8” CSG & 7” Liner were saved and the wire-line logging ensured the stability of bore hole against the hydrostatic for more than 3,000psi differential pressure. DFT accepted the challenge and strived to be committed to High Quality Services.

  • TOPTECH Egypt wins Apache’s tender for Storage Infrastructure Consolidation Project

    Apache Egypt Companies, a key player in the Oil and Gas sector is eager to maintain its international standards through adapting topnotch IT solutions. TOPTECH Egypt IBM Business Partner - with its broad proficiency in implementing storage solutions in Egypt was the winning partner dedicated to work with Apache in order to achieve the project objectives.

  • Monthly News

    News of the month, know more about the recent activities this industry has shown during February 2008.