Issue: March 2007



  • Knowledge that yields progress on fields

    Gas companies in Egypt is the lack of trained personnel. However, companies have compensated for the lack of these professionals by creating their own training centers or sending their staff to external training centers

  • Crossing nations to the global economic frontier

    The past few years have witnessed an expansion in the activities of Egyptian petroleum companies to operate abroad, penetrating the Middle East and Africa markets.

  • Tharwa: A Real Egyptian Fortune

    Being characterized as the first Egyptian company to carry out upstream activities in the Egyptian market as well as offering petroleum services, Tharwa has kept its outstanding record of achievements since its inauguration in 2004. With the target of competing in the international arena, Tharwa shares its 2007 future plans with Egypt Oil and Gas Newspaper and shed light on its story of success

  • To join or not to join: The overlooked question

    Following Angola’s admittance to OPEC in 2007, the lurking question becomes: why is Egypt reluctant to join OPEC as a full-time member?

  • On Efficient Utilization of Egypt’s Energy Resources: Oil and Gas

    Energy is a prime source of livelihood for many nations and is a cause of affluence for others. In Egypt, energy constitutes one fifth of the country's overall economic activity, a little less than half of the country's export revenues, and is a strategic resource for future growth.

  • Radar imagery offers a slick solution for locating rich reserves at sea

    A thousand feet down, the ocean floor shakes. Bubbles of oil and gas burp out. In a wafting plume, the oil heads for the ocean surface where it forms a film less than a millimeter thick and many cover hundreds of square kilometers.

  • The CIB report on the

    This month's review features the Commercial International Bank's (CIB) most recent report on the "Natural Gas Sector in Egypt"

  • Towards the end

    As the National Football League enters its 21st stage, Al-Ahli - widely known as the Red Devils - is taking confident steps towards clinching their third title in a row.

  • Monthly News

    News of the month, know more about the recent activities this industry has shown during January 2007.