Issue: March 2016



  • The Future of Natural Gas Industry in Egypt

    The Egyptian Gas Association (EGA) held an executive roundtable - The Future of Natural Gas Industry in Egypt - with the presence of Minister of Petroleum and Natural Resources, Tarek El Molla, on 23rd February, 2016.


  • Will Foreign Investments Tip the Scales for Egypt’s Oil Industry?

    Five years of political instability and internal struggles have dealt a huge blow to the already fragile Egyptian economy. A reality that manifested itself in the dwindling foreign currency reserves of the Egyptian state, threatening pay debts its capacity to import goods and to foreign partners.


    Egypt is in a competition with itself. It is trying to expand incoming investments, and it is striving to win back trust of foreign oil companies. Attempts to open up investment environment for old and new oil majors keep stumbling across fiscal and monetary uncertainties that the Egyptian government is currently facing.

  • Rentier States: Feeling the Pressure

    In political science, the term “rentier state” refers to a state that derives the majority of government revenues from the sale of domestic resources to external clients. Today, the term almost exclusively applies to the world’s major oil-producing states, particularly in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, which boast massive state-controlled oil and gas reserves and firms to utilize them. Academics hypothesize on the effects of rentier economics on democratic, institutional, economic and human development, the general consensus being that the practice is rarely a good thing – the debate over the “oil curse” is a common one.

  • Saudi Cash to Egypt as a Double Edged Sword

    Financial support can easily become a double edged sword, for individuals desperate for help, and for states alike. Egypt is also experiencing the tricks. Cash inflow from the Gulf countries made the Egyptian government feel victorious. But the taste of it may slowly become bitter.

  • Enhanced Oil Recovery

    Oil and gas firms need to expand their focus beyond short-term issues such as tumbling oil prices and oversupply if they are to successfully navigate the growing range of disruptive forces that will shape the industry.

  • Foreign Investment in Egypt: Motivations and Methods of Encouragement

    We are now at the first anniversary of the game changing investment summit held last March in Sharm El-Sheikh. The summit sent out a clear message, that Egypt was “open for business,” and actively seeking foreign investment. This first anniversary landmark is the right time to re-visit why foreign investors should be committing to Egypt, as well as measure the progress that Egypt’s government and business community has made in the last 12 months, and to track what remains to be done.

  • Linking Petroshahd to Qarun Fields

    Petrojet is implementing the design and construction work for a 6-inch in diameter 3.6km pipeline, extending from the Shahd plant to the Southeast Shahd plant; in addition to a 10-inch in diameter pipeline, extending 83km to crude storage facilities at Qarun fields.