Issue: June 2012



  • Tragedy and Hope: Egypt’s Petroleum Sector in Light of the Economic Programs of Presidential Hopefuls

    As the political fog clears and the future of Egypt's power structure narrows down to a handful of possibilities, the fate of the country's petroleum sector can be speculated upon in more precise, more firmly grounded terms. The implications of the electoral process on the sector and on the economy reach beyond the simple fact that the identity of Egypt's new president will be determined. The conclusion of the process itself is expected to beckon relative stability born of increased certainty, even as the powers to be designated to the new president remain unknown.

  • EGAS 2012 Bid Round: Bold Modifications to Lure Bold Investments

    Geologist Mostafa El-Bahr, EGAS Vice Chairman for Exploration and Agreements talks to Egypt Oil & Gas about the new Bid Round and Future of Mediterranean E&P.

  • In the World of CSR, Can Mickey’s Smile Steal the Spotlight from the Oil & Gas Industry?

    In their issue devoted to the world's most admired companies, Fortune Magazine includes a section listing their top 10 most socially responsible companies. The list actually features 11 companies, since there is a tie at both the eighth and tenth spots.

  • Proserv Egypt Group

    Proserv group became a leading petroleum service company in the whole Middle East region; it provides a wide pack of services at a very high level of professionalism.

  • Mapping Sensitive Habitats and Environmental Conditions in the Mediterranean

    Offshore oil and gas projects in the Mediterranean are subject to an increasing level of regulation that stipulates Environmental Baseline Surveys (EBS) and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) must be carried out prior to any works in the marine environment. Fugro's wide range of offshore survey capabilities include capacity to undertake a variety of environmental surveys for the purposes of satisfying the aforementioned regulatory requirements, resource allocation and informing sound management of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

  • Microflux Control System Opens a Conventionally Inaccessible Offshore Drilling Operation in Egypt, Enhances Safety

    Microflux control system delivers a system that eliminates the narrow-margin drilling problems such as lost circulation, pressure ramps, and a narrow drilling window of 0.2 lb/gal with variable mud weights and formation pressure uncertainty. It also provides a more precise method to predict and control the annular pressure profile while detecting and controlling loss and gain influxes. Last but not least, it enhances overall operational safety by gaining control of downhole events.

  • Monthly News

    News of the month, know more about the recent activities this industry has shown during May 2012.