Issue: June 2011



  • Economic turmoil… set our protests aside

    There are no new foreign investments in Egypt... economic losses are in billions and the country will go bankrupt in three months... all are lies the Egyptian economy will flourish... etc., over the last few weeks contradicting announcements made by top officials about the economic situation in Egypt has raised lots of questions among investors and citizens as wellt

  • New dawn has risen in Egypt

    Representing one of the few Arab companies that have distinguished E&P operations in the Egyptian petroleum industry, Mohammed Al-Howqal, Chief Operation Officer of Kuwait Energy Company (KEC) believes that Egypt is still has unexplored opportunities and the best is yet to come

  • Is the Egyptian petroleum sector Thriving or Surviving?

    Egypt's recent revolution has caused chaos in the country's economy. From the tourism sector, which has seen a catastrophic 46% drop in revenues post-revolution, to the struggling real estate sector, major investments and injections of economic aid will be needed to get the country back on its feet, but what about the oil and gas sector?

  • Drilling the Egyptian market

    In the middle of the current social, economic and political unrests, people are having a close eye on the Egyptian market. Focusing on the petroleum industry, which contributes by 15 % of the national GDP and 45% of total Egyptian exports, more speculations and concerns about the sector's strategies dominate the scene. Satisfying the current need for in-depth analysis and forecast of the Egyptian petroleum industry, Egypt Oil & Gas presents its latest division the Research & Analysis Department to investigate the market and draw the future scheme

  • The forgotten Human Resources!

    Leading organizations in today's economic climate require a different mindset and new insights on how to get the most of their people. Without any doubt, a productive and engaged workforce provides the single greatest competitive advantage and as such, it is critical that managers find ways to optimize their workforce, implement the right employee engagement and development strategies, and make the best human capital investments

  • The overall Egyptian legislative structure

    Throughout the time, the Egyptians have always believed in the rule and importance of Law in organizing their lives. Along the history Egypt has hosted numerous cultures and civilizations through concurrence and occupation since 332 B.C. This in term has affected the legislative structure. In the modern history, Egypt represents one of the strongest, well-founded and structured judicial and legislative systems in the world

  • MidEast oil recovery enters a new phase

    It has always been an axiom of world energy markets that Persian Gulf oil is both easy and cheap to produce. The crude that gushes from the scorching desert sands of Saudi Arabia, for example, is widely thought to cost less than $5 a barrel to produce, compared to the $70 price tag on raising a barrel from deep Atlantic waters. But, many of the Persian Gulf oilfields have been producing for decades, and an increasing number of the newer fields in the region contain heavier and harder to extract crudes. Squeezing out the remaining reserves from some existing fields and developing new more complicated ones will be costlier and will require more advanced technology. As a result, more Gulf countries are exploring the use of enhanced oil recovery (EOR)

  • SKF ”The Knowledge Engineering Company”

    For over 100 years SKF has been and still is the world leader in anti-friction bearings. Over the last 40 years SKF Reliability Services division has developed a portfolio of services, products and solutions to help our customers improve performance of their assets and facilities as well as decrease running cost and improve reliability.

  • Oil and Gas 2030, Meeting the growing demands for energy in the coming decades

    Despite increasing attention to alternative energy sources, the world can’t forget about oil and gas as it struggles to meet ever-rising demand for clean and affordable energy. Technology is the most important force to increase the supply of more challenging oil and gas, and mitigate the environmental impact of energy production and consumption.

  • INTERGAS VI, A term held amid critical conditions

    With a proven track record of 10 years, the sixth term of this strategic conference was held in a very critical period of time for the Egyptian petroleum sector. Over nearly the past three months, specifically after the eruption of political and social unrests since January 25th, the Egyptian petroleum sector has been exposed to a wide public attack that has resulted in various administration changes.

  • Outstanding activities of SPE Suez Canal University

    Suez Canal University Student Chapter (SCU SC) started in 2004, but it has not become active until early 2009. This Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) student chapter has witnessed a great progress recently. SPE SCU SC is seeking the best, making the difference, trying to be the helping hand to our university students, and the link between theories and reality. Check out some of their outstanding events.

  • Monthly News

    News of the month, know more about the recent activities this industry has shown during May 2011.