Issue: June 2009



  • BG’s 20-year journey in Egypt

    Seizing the occasion of celebrating 20-year partnership in Egypt, BG Egypt President Tim Blackford takes us to the company’s long and outstanding journey, throughout which this leading British-based company has been crowned as one of the biggest investors in the country and an indispensable partner of success

  • A marked drop in financing activity!

    William Stevens, Global Head of the Upstream Oil & Gas, Director of Resources and Energy Group, HSBC Bank sheds light on the financing strategies and the projects calendar in 2009, in the shadow of the current credit crisis

  • Technology advancement, the engine for E&P

    Despite the slight increase of oil prices, swinging at the $60 per barrel edge, after the dramatic fall down, service companies have modified their pricing strategy to cope with the current market conditions and ensure the spread of their technologies

  • Obama picks Egypt as speech venue

    U.S President Barack Obama will visit Egypt this month to deliver his promised address to the Muslim World, culminating a long and politically sensitive selection process by choosing Egypt as his venue

  • Oil vs. tourism in the North Coast

    The wheel for exploring new areas to boost the oil production in Egypt has been searching in every corner. Lately, the North Coast Area, used to be known as a magnificent touristic spot, has attracted the focus as a new virgin area for oil and gas E&P

  • New bid-rounds for old potentials

    The first-ever Afghanistan bidding round attracts major players
    The Ministry of Mines, on behalf of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, launched the First Afghan Hydrocarbon Bidding Round 2009 to initiate hydrocarbon exploration in Northern Afghanistan.

  • Weatherford Fracturing services Now in Egypt!

    After the outstanding success in the US, Argentina, Mexico and Russia, Weatherford Fracturing service is now in Egypt.
    Weatherford’s Stimulation & well services Technologies group is committed to providing the highest level of safety, service follow in the Weatherford tradition of service excellence and professionalism.

  • Renewable Energy Era

    In 2008, record oil prices caused a big push for clean energy. Demand for Polysilicon drove prices up and producers’ share prices went along with them. Those who controlled the bulk of the supply chain and buffered themselves against spikes were able to make the most out of the panel (price run up). Then oil and the global economy fell off a cliff

  • INTERGAS V… Future Energy Challenges

    INTERGAS V became the must-attend event for all companies operating in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries and aiming at enhancing or boosting their businesses in Egypt.

  • Monthly News

    News of the month, know more about the recent activities this industry has shown during May 2009.