Issue: June 2007



  • Opening the community chest for the best

    Egypt is one of the pioneers in the Middle East to penetrate the oil and gas industry. The Middle East’s first oil refinery was built in the Egyptian port city of Alexandria in 1911. Since then, the petroleum industry has almost covered every part of the country; but some territories were not ready for exploration yet, such as Upper Egypt. However, this is no longer the case as a national plan has been set to explore this area. Nevertheless, during this process we are faced with several questions related to the future of oil and gas projects. How will the Ministry of Petroleum and the Egyptian government solve the obstacles hindering the achievement of this national plan?

  • Germany: The “Hidden Champions” of the Global Market

    A look at German investment in the Egyptian oil and gas sector reveals a tale of global encouragement for Egypt and untapped opportunities for Germany

  • Chapeau! Gaz de France

    Despite its history in the international arena, Gaz de France is considered one of the young exploration and production companies in Egypt. Egypt Oil and Gas met with Jean- Louis Chenel, Gaz de France Egypt General Manager, who told us about the company’s strategies and expansion plans

  • HSBC: The oil and gas bank

    HSBC became Egypt’s first oil and gas bank and since has taken great strides in implementing financial assistance to companies within the sector. This section is a look at the financial world or the oil and gas industry and what it can mean not just for the internal players, but also for the general public in terms of their energy consumption and needs

  • Investing in the young Egyptian generation

    Weatherford has established a new program that promises to train and prepare petroleum engineering students, initially from three Egyptian universities, for the challenges they will face following their graduation. In an effort to contribute to addressing the challenges that face the Egyptian society, Weatherford Egypt has promised to provide more job opportunities and to hire as many of these selected students as possible. Egypt Oil and Gas spoke to Mohamed Hemeda, General Manager of Weatherford Egypt, about the company’s new initiative

  • No to Cartel

    While natural gas exports hit new highs, major exporting countries are still reluctant to establish an OPEC-style organization

  • How underground location technology is helping utilities hit the right spot?

    While there may be records of where underground services – such as water, power, gas and so on – are located, but these may not always be entirely accurate. This means that when mistakes occur, or when extension work needs to be carried out, time and money can be wasted trying to find a specific cable, pipe or joint. However, developments in new underground location technology are bringing extremely accurate underground location information within the reach and budgets of today’s utilities, contractors and construction companies

  • 100 years, 100 championships

    The unexpected humiliating defeat at the hands of Barcelona melted the icing on the centenary celebrations cake