Issue: July 2014



  • Overview of Egypt’s Oil Refineries

    Egypt is Africa’s second largest oil refining country and holds 23% of the continent’s total, domestically produced, crude oil. Egypt’s market is comprised of nine refineries—all operated by Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) with the exception of the privately owned, MIDOR Refinery in Alexandria. The Wall Street Journal reported in 2013 that, “Egypt will spend $18 billion over coming years to build new refineries and modify existing plants in a move to increase its annual fuel output.” Most of the refineries are located in Cairo, Alexandria, or Suez.


  • Whither Egypt’s Economy?

    The new Egyptian leadership is facing formidable economic challenges. The official unemployment rate is above 13%, higher than last year. Compared to 2010, the number of unemployed Egyptians has grown from 2.4 million to 3.7 million. Large numbers are out of the workforce, or struggle in low-paid occupations in the informal sector. 26% of the population is living under the official poverty line, set at around $1.50 a day.

  • Pemex – Mexico Model: A Multi-beneficial Solution to Problems Facing the Egyptian Petroleum Sector

    In 2008, PICO started to explore new business opportunities in countries other than Egypt, thinking out of the box; PICO then approached Pemex in Mexico for the following reasons

  • Heavy Oil The Future of the Industry!

    In a world where the refining demand is constantly increasing and we are looking to add new product lines or building facilities that can handle more demand, Praxis Global Research looks to find ways of identifying the current needs of the industry and marrying them to state of the art know-how and technology. There is definitely not a shortage of need for upgrading and expanding refineries in Latam.

  • Sisi’s Biggest Challenge: Fixing Egypt’s Faltering Economy

    Reviving Egypt’s faltering economy is likely to be the biggest challenge facing Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Egypt’s newly elected President. Egypt is experiencing an ongoing economic crisis characterized by corruption, a widening budget deficit, sluggish growth, soaring prices, energy shortages, high unemployment and entrenched poverty.

  • Egypt Prepares to Open up Gas Market

    An EGAS/GASCO joint working group is composing the drafts of a law and a decree that will enable to establish a gas regulator in Egypt next year. This is the first significant step towards opening the country’s gas market to competition.

  • DEKA Development Project

    The DEKA project launched by Petrobel is targeting the development of both the Denise and Karawan fields in Temsah Concession located at offshore Egypt in order to add a Natural Gas production of about 210 MMScfd, with an estimated cost of $ 470 MM. The Denise field is about 70 km off the Egyptian coast, while Karawan field is about 60 km off the Egyptian coast. The Denise field is in water depth of about 100 m and the Karawan field is about 68 m in depth.