Issue: July 2011



  • Integrating elements of productivity

    It is important to review the elements that determine the shape and the actual existence of the companies in the Egyptian petroleum market, one might detect the importance of the company's control; one can confirm how successful the company is in handling its activities in the Egyptian petroleum sector, others have problems in maintaining the required high-level performance required

  • Petroleum sector under reform

    Officials, investors and experts are keeping a close eye on the reform steps that have been taken by the Ministry of Petroleum. Since the pricing of gas exportation has been the core of a vigorous public attack on the Ministry, most of the present reform attempts have tackled this problem to ease the public anger and fortunately, they achieved some positive results. Yet, more efforts are need to be on the right reform track

  • Training: Filling the gap

    Who is running your rigs? Who keeps them operating? These are questions that may well be at the forefront of your mind as you see the age of your experienced electricians and mechanics moving up

  • A giant comes to life in the Qatari deserts

    Imagine a technology that could turn natural gas into premium oil products, such as low-sulphur vehicle fuels, petrochemical feedstock and high-quality lubricants. This technology does not only exist, but is also being implemented at massive scale in the deserts of Qatar by Shell. Having invested $19 billion in constructing this modern-day wonder of the world, Shell is in the process of starting it up. This small country has became a prominent economic power crouching to find its place among super powers

  • Undiscovered energy sources

    Egypt's civilization is deep rooted in the world’s history; great achievements in astrology, medicine… and other fields are recorded in Egypt’s standing civilization. Its history in renewable energy is also recorded for having the first solar power demonstration about 100 years ago

  • Monthly News

    News of the month, know more about the recent activities this industry has shown during June 2011.