Issue: July 2010



  • As usual, Petrobel comes first in the production rankings

    The continuous efforts of the Ministry of Petroleum to overcome any obstacle that hinders its production plan reflect the officials' targets to keep high levels of oil and gas production. Despite all speculations claiming the slow down of such attempts, Egypt has witnessed a relative progress in its oil and gas production rates since the beginning of this year

  • Surprising Truth!

    A common assumption today is that the Middle East has an abundance of natural gas supplies; however, the reality is quite different. Surprisingly, the Middle East, which has 40% of the world's remaining gas reserves, is struggling to find enough gas to meet its own needed demands. In view of below-market pricing and muted incentives for gas sector investment, the evolution of the region's gas industry has lagged behind that of the oil sector, despite significant gas deposits

  • More petroleum prosperity is yet to come

    With more than 15 years experience in the petroleum industry and being the former head of the energy and industry committee of the People's Assembly for three terms, Dr. Amin Mubarak, Professor of energy and mechanical engineering at Cairo University, shares his analytical views concerning the Egyptian petroleum industry and confirms that more prosperity is yet to come

  • Rashpetco, the backbone of Egypt’s gas production

    On January 31, 2001, Rashid Petroleum Company (Rshpetco) achieved its first gas production form the Nile Delta region and since then, the company has taken the lead of gas producers in Egypt in association with its two foreign partners BG and Petronas. "More than 35% of Egypt's gas production is generated by Rashpetco," expressed Taher Abdel Rahim, Operations Manager the role of his company in this vital industry

  • Less drilling in an unsustainable market

    Any unexpected collapses trigger a recovery phase that paves the route for resuming the state of prosperity and wealth once more. Any industry swings continuously over the ups and downs due to the economic conditions. No matter how long would it take to overcome the downs, a healthy industry can always control once back its wheel

  • Lacking the production vision

    "A decrease in the production of oil in Egypt," as the United States Department of Energy predicted in last February, it came in a report titled "The Forecasts of Energy in the Short Term". The report, which is focused on non-OPEC supply of oil in 2010 and 2011, said that it expects a decrease in the country's oil production during the monitoring period that runs from 2009 through 2011

  • MOVA – Complete Logistics Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry Innovations in Transportation safety – Focus on Trucking

    MOVA, a provider of Transportation and Logistics services for the Oil & Gas Sector provides the full gamut of services and this month we would like to focus on Safety Innovations in Trucking that MOVA will soon be implementing to further improve the quality of in local road transport - trucking across Egypt.

  • Monthly News

    News of the month, know more about the recent activities this industry has shown during June 2010.