Issue: July 2008



  • Egypt halts new gas contracts

    In a move considered as a victory for opposition, Minister of Petroleum Eng. Sameh Fahmy announced last month that the government will revise its natural gas export prices and will not sign new exportation contracts until the end of 2010

  • Sudan’s oil in turmoil

    For many years now, Sudan has failed to capitalize on its considerable oil reserves due to the non-stop state of war the country has been experiencing either in the form of civil war or because of being at war with neighboring countries. As a matter of fact, Sudan has emerged as one of the oil-rich countries with great potentials of late, boasting proven oil reserves of 6.4 billion barrels, which are 32 times more than was estimated in 1981. Both reserves and production cover 0.5% of the world’s reserves and production

  • Fuel Fears

    Oil prices continued to make headlines throughout the past weeks. Soaring prices of oil has become the talk of the town, augmenting fears that the global economy could see a wide-scale recession. Therefore, Energy ministers of the advanced nations last month expressed serious concerns about soaring oil prices and urged oil-producing countries to increase production through greater investment and provide more transparency on oil supply data.

  • Bio-fuel blamed for food crisis!

    "The end of cheap food era," ran the headline of The Economist few months ago. The anticipation was but a prelude to an era that would witness a steady increase in food prices all over the world. Protests and demonstrations swept more than 30 countries and are still moving from one poor country to another, posing a serious threat to global social security

  • Mid-way to 2008 achievements’ road

    Starting the third quarter (Q3) of 2008, petroleum mega players have revealed the bag of their achievements accomplished during the first two quarters of this year. Some confirm they are on track as scheduled, while others assert they are ahead their plans; both are rigidly competing to hold the title of best achiever of the year. However, the current figures and numbers are the only measurement units which would roughly locate the positions of competitors in the mid race of 2008 top achiever for the time being.

  • Brown Fields development, where opportunities emerge

    As the crude oil prices are tremendously increasing; jumping above the $100, the development economics are totally changing. Minor, and mature or Brown Fields assets have considerable economic value evolved dramatically. Given the fact that technology is evolving exponentially enough to support non traditional hydrocarbon assets development, and to extremely pushing the recoveries to the highest limit.

  • New technology for well bore clean up and completions

    MI SWACO Specialized tools has through the acquisition of SPS International (2006) being able to bring to Egypt the vast experience of Wellbore Bore Assurance and introduce for the first time in Egypt the Wellbore assurance practices in conjunction with MI SWACO DF and the Operator.

  • IBM 2008 Storage Forum

    IBM, the world’s Technology Inventor & the Information Technology Leader, held its annual Storage Forum last month, through which IBM has been crowned as the top provider of innovative technology, outstanding storage proven software, hardware and solution offerings in addition to unique performance. With the remarkable attendance of large number of guests representing the different industry sectors, IBM revealed its new and latest storage offerings, which have further strengthened the value and uniqueness of IBM products in this dynamic market.