Issue: July 2016



  • Collaboration as a Game Changer

    At the time ENG. SALEM HASSAN ABDALLAH joined Suez Oil Company (SUCO) as its Chairman, the oil prices witnessed a major downfall, which “has become a serious problem for all the companies,” as he said in an exclusive interview with Egypt Oil&Gas.


  • UPSTREAM Sector’s Strategy for SURVIVAL

    By Basma Mostafa
    The entire oil and gas industry was shaken to the core, when oil prices began tumbling in mid 2014 after trading above $100 a barrel, but it was the upstream sector that bore the brunt of the dramatic price drop worst.

  • Perplexities of Ditching Offshore Projects

    Offshore drilling has been full of booms, busts, baulks, and boondoggles. Along with onshore exploration, countries of the Middle East, Africa, North America, and Asia have resorted to drilling in deep waters to boost oil production and to meet domestic as well as international demands.

  • Midor & Tharwa United in People Development

    Cost reductions in the oil sector seem to hit hardest human resources (HR) departments. In Egypt, this practice is argued by many to be detrimental to the companies themselves. Others point out that this approach may undermine economic prospects of the entire country as the oil and gas sector is strategic for Egypt and forms a core pillar of its future development.

  • EGYPTIAN GAS ASSOCIATION – ANDREWS KURTH: Introducing Legal Training for Oil&Gas Companies

    The Egyptian Gas Association in collaboration with Andrews Kurth LLP Middle East, and Open Chance & Associates organized a two day training program International Oil and Gas Law and Contracts, held at the Intercontinental City Stars Hotel on the 1st and 2nd June, 2016.


    By Mark Thurber, Partner, Andrews Kurth LLP
    Despite the tsunami of power generation development that is currently underway throughout the world and dependent upon renewable energy technologies, more traditional thermal electricity generation strategies are still in play for a number of reasons.