Issue: January 2014



  • A Positive Outlook into the Future: An Interview with Eng. Hesham Ismail Vice President of Halliburton North Africa

    In an exclusive interview, Vice President of Halliburton North Africa Hisham Ismail gives Egypt Oil and Gas insightful information on future steps in the industry.

  • Egypt’s Poor Suffer at the Hands of Butane Crisis

    For short and long-term memories alike, lack of butane supply occupies the minds of many Egyptians this season, but more likely they are suffering from it. News breaks annually when the shortage worsens, and headlines echo a familiar call for alarm. But the real crisis runs far deeper than winter discontentment.

  • Egypt’s Gas Calamity: The Way Forward?

    Egypt's gas consumption has doubled in the past decade, but production has been in a downward trend since 2009. Currently, the country consumes about 6.7 billion cubic feet of natural gas a day, but produces only 5.4 billion, 0.8 billion of which is exported. The production fell by 8.5% in the first nine months of this year compared to the same period of 2012. Since gas export obligations are still in place, but import options are hardly established, the country is experiencing shortages. The shortages are set to worsen rapidly unless Egypt manages to produce or import more gas or curb consumption.

  • Over-Subsidized and Unaware: Egypt’s Culture of Energy Consumption

    Energy Consumption Crisis in Egypt
    Egypt lacks an energy conservation culture. Yet, the demand for energy continues to grow with increasing industrialization and a skyrocketing population. Egypt is not alone in facing this problem, as many other oil-producing countries in the Middle East are plagued with increasing domestic demand for energy.

  • A Constitution ”For All Those Determined”

    In an article last month, I wrote that the new Egyptian constitution must accomplish these three aims: prevent presidential autocracies, limit the authority of the military, and provide more rights for more Egyptians. Given that the draft constitution has been finalized, and a national referendum on the draft will commence on the 14th and 15th of January, I believe it is necessary to examine the degree to which the amended constitution accomplishes the lofty aims set forth in my December article. Although the draft constitution of 2013 takes some positive steps in the realms of protecting rights and freedoms and preventing presidential autocracies, it ultimately fails to limit the power of the military. Instead, it appears to pave the way for greater military involvement in politics as an unchecked, quasi-government entity.

  • Construction of the East Baharia Power Station

    Foreign partners have agreed to fund an electricity station to produce up to 8,000 barrels, and attract investments amounting to USD 47 million. This is following the company's success in reducing the cost of barrels, and maximizing the use of natural gas to manage all machinery and pumps-under the guidance of the Minister of Petroleum and the President of EGPC-that will reduce the imported amount of diesel and currency, made possible by the confidence of foreign partners in the feasibility of such projects.

  • EPEX Explores Unconventional

    ENAP Sipetrol - Egypt Branch had the pleasure of hosting this year's EPEX Conference (Egyptian Petroleum Exploration Society) at Sky Resort on Wednesday December 4, 2013, under the auspices of HE the Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources. The Egyptian Oil Sector's most prominent figures, as well as Sipetrol's top management currently headed by Eng. Sayed Rezk, the newly appointed General Manager, attended the conference. Mr. Hesketh Streeter, ENAP E&P Manager attended as well.

  • Egypt Oil & Gas 2nd Winter Cup Soccer Tournament

    The 2nd Egypt Oil & Gas Winter Soccer Tournament took place this month. Egypt Oil & Gas would like to thank all of the tournament's sponsors: Dana Gas, Enap Sipetrol, Kuwait Energy, Lafarge and TransGlobe Energy. We would also like to thank all of this year's participating teams: Apache, Baker Hughes, Dana Gas, EDC, Enap Sipetrol, Halliburton, Lafarge, Kuwait Energy, Mantrac, PWC, Transglobe ''A'' and TransGlobe ''B''. It is worth mentioning that Halliburton was the winner in both the Ramadan and winter tournaments this year.

  • Monthly News

    News of the month, know more about the recent activities this industry has shown during December 2013.