Issue: January 2013



  • An Examination of International Petroleum Contracts

    As the national dialogue shifts towards the future of the Morsi administration post constitutional referendum, a dialogue of another sort is currently under way and it is one of equal complexity and significance to Egypt's socioeconomic landscape.

  • An Interview with Abdullah Ghorab ”A Complicated Agreement: A Discussion of Transparency, Subsidies and the Power of Pricing”

    At a pivotal juncture in Egypt's political and socioeconomic landscape Egypt Oil and Gas Newspaper obtained an exclusive interview with Abdullah Ghorab, former Minister of Petroleum to discuss the current and ongoing revision of international petroleum contacts or agreements.

  • A Brief Interview with John Evans, General Manager of Fugro

    Fugro SAE was established in 2004 as a subsidiary of Fugro Corporate. Fugro's specializes in the acquisition and synthesis of data. Their activities fall under the broad headings of geotechnical, survey and geosciences divisions. Fugro utilizes sophisticated technology and expertise to survey land, costal lines, and offshore as well as deep-water environments. Supplementary to surveying, data collection and analysis, Fugro also provides a variety of other services that facilitate infrastructural development and maintenance to ensure smooth transition amongst project phases of exploration, extraction, development and production. In this vein Fugro offers a wide variety of services to the oil and gas sector, the construction sector as well as the mining industry.

  • Political Perplexity and Egypt’s Oil and Gas Sector

    An atmosphere of political perplexity has deepened in Egypt since the vote on constitution referendum, with many Egyptians rushing to take out cash from banks and hoarding hard currency savings at home. Egypt’s Oil and Gas sector is not immune from the latest controversial political developments. Investors and local companies operating in the field are waiting to see if the transitional period will end any soon.

  • PhPC – WHX Project

    Pharonic Petroleum Company (PhPC) is a joint venture company established in Egypt between EGPC, BP and IEOC. PhPC currently operates three natural gas production fields located offshore the Egyptian sector of the Mediterranean Sea. The fields were coined as the Ha'py, Akhen and Taurt fields.

  • Monthly News

    News of the month, know more about the recent activities this industry has shown during December 2012.