Issue: January 2010



  • Mixed expectations for a possible recovery

    A full year of economic recession came to an end, but still not fully solved yet. However, the beginning of 2010 has been filled with hopes for global economic recovery, combined with mixed expectations concerning a possible national revival of the petroleum sector during this year

  • Japanese dilemma of oil and gas imports

    Though its economy is considered the second largest in the world, approximately $5.8 trillion in terms of GDP, after the U.S. and China, Japan is struggling to secure its energy sources as the country is heavily depending on the oil and gas imports to satisfy the local demand.

  • Chaos can turn negative into positive

    The simmering tensions between Egypt and Algeria resulted in a new petroleum export deal

  • Time to get rid of restrictions

    Believing that the Egyptian petroleum sector bears heavy burdens that are challenging its prosperity, Geologist Samy Shahine, former deputy chief of exploration and petroleum agreements at the EGPC, advisor of the Industry and Energy Committee of the People’s Assembly and member of the Energy Committee of the National Democratic Party (NDP) opens his chest and shares his views for a favorable environment of investments and petroleum activities in Egypt

  • QHSE Integrated Management System and ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 certificates

    The new world trend now is to integrate the quality, health, safety & environment in one management system (QHSEIMS) to enable the organization manage their management systems and achieve the certificates in one go. Certification to the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:2007 is not an easy process, it need a big efforts, commitment and team working as it requires compliance to the regulatory requirements as well as the standard requirements including continual improvement.

  • Environmental Services Specialist researches on reducing Carbon Footprint of Drilling Process

    Leading environmental services specialist Total Waste Management Alliance (TWMA) has completed a research project aimed at helping operators reduce the carbon footprint of the drilling process.

  • Banby: suspension of gas exportation is not a media show

    His long decades of experience in the petroleum sector have been like a fortune of information for us. Dr. Hamdy El-Banby, former Minister of Petroleum supports latest decision concerning Egyptian gas exportation and shares his views concerning lifting of subsidies, economic recovery and much more...

  • All lies in the infrastructure!

    Holding treasures of energy resources would not be valuable unless effective plans are set to the preeminent and most effective utilization of such treasures. Developing and continuously upgrading an infrastructure for energy resources is a key factor that completes the scheme from production to distribution phases