Issue: January 2009



  • Optimism despite the economic collapse

    Despite the status of worries and anxieties dominating the rig market and postulations of how far would the global economic crisis affect the industry, most of the key petroleum players have kept their 2009 plans unaltered; believing that it will not be as worse as analysts assume and opting for the relief to come soon

  • What the current economic crisis holds in store for the rig market

    With the fall of crude oil prices to below $40 a barrel, the future of the international rig market does not seem bright

  • Rig production to increase in 2009

    In the shadow of the current global economic collapse, rumors and concerns spread in every corner stating that the E&P operations in Egypt are to decline and that recent demands for rigs have been cancelled. Eng. Mohamed El-Gohary, President of the Egyptian Petroleum HH for Rig Manufacturing Co (EPHH) replies to these rumors affirming that this strategic industry is in fact flourishing

  • Gangs of Somali pirates!

    Regardless the poverty, lawlessness, chaos and desperation dominating Somalia, a highly organized, lucrative, ransom-driven business, piracy, has been formed, imposing its threats on one of the world’s main marine routes. Over last year, more than 25 ships were hijacked and in many cases, they were paid million-dollar ransoms to release them. The juicy payoffs have attracted gunmen from across Somalia, and the pirates are thought to number in the thousands, augmenting the economic and political drawbacks over the region

  • Decline in OPEC’s power

    Despite the oil producers' cartel OPEC has agreed to make a record cut in output, oil prices continue to fall

  • By law, no more gas to Israel

    The historic court rule to overrule the controversial 20-year deal on gas exports to Israel has generated a wave of public satisfaction and increased concerns about the efficiency of strategies and pricing systems of the government

  • Next-generation Developments in Logging Technologies

    Halliburton Wireline and Perforating Services have been focused on product development in recent years, resulting in a full suite of advanced logging tools that are helping operators overcome the challenges of the oilfield. Customers are especially excited about these technologies because they have been crafted and refined with customer input to directly solve high-value problems.

  • Monthly News

    News of the month, know more about the recent activities this industry has shown during December 2008.