Issue: February 2015



  • Adverse Environment: The Impact of Oil Prices on Egypt’s E&P

    As oil prices continue their dive —with prices below $50 dollars per barrel at the time of publishing— many of us are left wondering what’s next. Will prices ever return to their previous levels? Have oil producers changed tactics? How will all this affect Egypt?


  • Pricing Data Packages for Concessions: BENEFICIAL OR INEFFECTIVE?

    A complaint raised recently by energy industry insiders in Egypt concerns the way bidding rounds take place for new concessions; namely that the bidders are required to buy the preliminary data packages needed for oil and gas exploration upon bidding for a concession.

  • CHANGE; BUT FOR BETTER? What Egypt’s Shift in Energy Policy Means for the Future

    A famous Japanese proverb states, “The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists.” If there is any entity that has taken this advice to heart, surely it is the Egyptian energy sector.

  • DIVERSIFYING EGYPT’S ENERGY MIX: The Road to Renewable Energy

    The Hurghada-Cairo road follows the Red Sea’s tranquil sea coast; the slightest swerve could drive a bus full of Egyptians, and the occasional foreigner, straight into the crystalline water. Opposite the Red Sea, the desert opens up in all directions, making the journey a pleasant experience, albeit the long bus ride The scenery turns extraordinary the moment the highway reaches the wind farms; their giant wind turbines rising like palm trees in the desert, a scene more suited to Germany than Egypt.

  • Betting It All: How Saudi Arabia Is Gambling with Oil

    When the price for Brent Crude reached its peak in June 2014, few analysts or experts would have believed the longest and biggest oil boom in history was coming to an end. Or that prices would tumble to less than half their current price within six months. In the boom years, markets and experts had come to consider hundred-dollar oil as the rule, rather than the exception. Studies in the early 2000s on projected oil prices for 2015, when a barrel was expected to cost about $20, seemed laughable to say the least.

  • FUGRO SAE: International Company with Egyptian heart

    Fugro SAE (FSAE) is responsible for Fugro’s survey and subsea activities in Egypt. Benefiting from investment in Egypt over more than 30 years, FSAE has developed a strong capability in the country, allowing delivery of world-class services to the Egyptian offshore industry entirely by Egyptian staff and locally available resources.

  • Total E&P Egypte: The Start Of A New Journey

    Egypt Oil & Gas speaks with the company’s Managing Director Jean-Pascal Clémençon