Issue: February 2012



  • New Dawn or Nightfall: The rise of political Islam and its effects on the petroleum sector

    In its modern history, Egypt has never been subject to Islamist political domination, and the upcoming experiment is already the source of anxiety for many with a stake in the country's economic future. The oil and gas sector, like all others, stands to be affected by any significant changes in policy, but while changes are expected, a drastic and potentially disastrous overhaul of the economy is not going to be realized anytime soon. The industry can adapt to whomever ends up running the country. What it will struggle with is the continuation of the status quo in which no one truly does.

  • Experts Ponder the Minister’s Plan: Guiding the Reformation of the EGPC

    In our interview of last month with Petroleum Minister Eng. Abdullah Ghorab, he stressed the importance of overhauling the Egyptian General Petroleum Company (EGPC), consolidating the regulation of the entire upstream sector once again under its ceiling as well as calibrating the company's administrative structure. The gravity of the minister's plan has prompted a wide range of responses from various experts in the petroleum field. Therefore, it behooved Egypt Oil & Gas Newspaper to interview a number of those experts and document their responses, since their collective wisdom could prove beneficial in guiding the process of overhauling the EGPC, a move that would entirely reshape the Egyptian petroleum sector if implemented.

  • MONGOOSE PT Dual Motion Shakers Improve Performance in Western Canada SAGD Operations

    ''We saw immediate improvement in the quality of our solids control. MONGOOSE PT shaker performance easily justified replacing the remaining shakers; combined performance reduced our waste disposal costs by more than 40%. Moreover, our mud costs were reduced by more than 25%.

  • New Piping Modifications in SUCO, Agiba and GUPCO (U-102 & U-104) Existing Facilities

    The Egyptian General Petroleum Company (EGPC) has concluded an agreement in conjunction with the Egyptian Bahraini Gas Derivatives Company (EBGDCO) and Engineering for the Petroleum and Process Industries (ENPPI), to implement a piping and instrumentation modifications project in the existing facilities of companies SUCO, Agiba and GUPCO. The target of the project is to create a new circulation stream to supply EBGDCO's NGL plant with 150 MMSCFD feed gas.

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