Issue: February 2011



  • Industry Pioneers Discuss Challenges Facing Field Development

    Calling for modifications, asking for more production, warning of energy exploitation, boosting Egypt's reserves…etc are all factors either supporting or threatening the development scheme in Egypt. Egypt Oil & Gas invited the petroleum industry's well-known figures and experts to its first round-table discussion to share views, analyze the development potentials and draw a plan for the future.

  • 2011: the petroleum kick-off year

    Though many believes that the year of 2010 brought some kind of relief to the petroleum industry worldwide, but the concerns now revolves about the new year of 2011 and what would it bring to the Egyptian sector?

  • Payment Delays: A threat to the petroleum sector?

    Egypt's petroleum sector leads the nation's economy in attracting foreign direct investment (FDI). This crucial component of the local economy is driven by partnership agreements between the Egyptian government and contracting companies, including major oil giants like British Petroleum (BP), British Gas (BG), and ExxonMobil, among many others.

  • Fostering investments In a fiery country

    Is it time to invest in the Egyptian market, or will the current local and international political and social instability hinder more investments to come?

  • Increased awareness of sustainable development

    Egypt petroleum sector experienced a dynamic liveliness within the QHSE field after the Gulf of Mexico oil leak made headlines and attracted the full intention, but the question still insists: Is it enough?

  • More than A 100-year journey

    The year of 1886 was the landmark in the Egyptian petroleum history, when oil was found for the first time ever. Since then, a long journey of attainments and failures shaped today's history of the Egyptian petroleum sector.

  • American-Chinese struggle over Africa

    In the context of continuous struggle to dominate the world's economies and be labeled as the unbreakable mega power, the U.S. and China are keeping close eye on the African continent, the land of yet-to-find black gold.

  • Monthly News

    News of the month, know more about the recent activities this industry has shown during January 2011.