Issue: February 2010



  • Edison: an aggressive $400 million investment in 2010

    Made a historic deal at a time when everybody was cutting down their investments, believed in the high potentials of Abu Qir Concession and trusted their expertise and abilities to achieve prosperous accomplishments, Edison promises more vigorous plans this year in Egypt as Mr. Maurizio Coratella, Edison Country Manager, told Egypt Oil & Gas

  • El-Sharkawi: at least 20% production increase in 2010

    Dana Gas, known by being one of the most active companies in Egypt, celebrated the new year of 2010 with the successful achievement of its 2009 production target in excess of 40 thousand boepd

  • Al-Howqal: Regardless delay of martial permits, Western Desert is full of potentials for investors

    Since the initiation of its activities in Egypt, Kuwait Energy Company (KEC) has been strengthening its steps in the industry. However, its ambitious plans to further expand are hindered by some obstacles that slow down its investment wheel. Mohammed Al-Howqal, Kuwait Energy Chief Operation Officer, sheds light on these obstacles and reveals the companys 2010 plan in Egypt

  • Qarun’s third train ready to commence the route of production boost!

    Qarun Petroleum Company (QPC) is back on track and is ramping up activity as oil prices recover from the economic crisis, said the company's General Manager/Managing Director John L. Hendrix, highlighting that Qarun is targeting the production above 2009 levels during 2010

  • Towards a brighter future in natural gas production

    Natural Gas distribution continues to occupy major importance in MENA region as it is considered one of the investment priorities of the country

  • Fueling the industry with foreign investment

    Over the last quarter of 2009, rumors spread in every corner in the country claiming that major foreign companies plan to decrease, if not discontinue, the volume of their investments and operations in the country due to the deteriorating status of the industry. Some said that foreign partners do not get their share from the EGPC and that negatively affected their financial standard. That is why we raised the question: what is the investment budget of foreign companies in 2010?

  • European companies come first

    The Egyptian petroleum industry has always been one of the favorable environments for foreign investments, which are not just good sources for economic revenues, but a way to get locally updated with the latest international operations techniques and exchange expertise

  • All lies in the infrastructure! Part II

    Continuing the series of Egypt’s infrastructure, this part tackles the processing plants and facilities distributed in various corners in the country, their capacity and the future plans

  • 2010 brings optimism to the Jackups Market

    After drilling contractors posted record levels of earnings in the period from 2004 to 2008, the year 2009 marked the beginning of an earnings descent likely to continue over next year or two. When exploration and development spending was curtailed in 2009, rig utilization was quick to follow and leading edge rig day rates deflated.

  • Weighing the two sides!

    Some would see it as a good move, "It would be a good idea to import the gas cheaply from Iraq and lock in at that price for the future, if Egypt has the view that gas prices will go up on the long term.", others may oppose it, "Has the minister finally awakened to the tragedy of Egypt's wasted petroleum resources.

  • Driving Management in Schlumberger

    Deep commitment to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment and Taking driving management to next level

  • Monthly News

    News of the month, know more about the recent activities this industry has shown during January 2010.