Issue: February 2009



  • Abu Qir, a new guaranteed challenge for Edison

    The recent $1.4 billion-“historical deal” between Edison S.p.A and the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation has grabbed the sector’s attention for the gigantic re-entry of the Italian company into the Egyptian petroleum field once more. Edison’s Chief Executive Officer Umberto Quadrino reveals to Egypt Oil & Gas the company’s plan to boost the offshore fields of Abu Qir

  • Time to think alternatively

    Undoubtedly energy is connected with economic life, where energy producers always look at global economy to measure wealth growth that is why we concentrate on economic cycle and its effects on all sectors, specifically crude oil as a vital source of energy

  • New Developments in Chemical Stimulation of Gas Condensate Wells

    Natural gas wells are susceptible to condensate drop out, as the wells are typically operated below the dew point pressure of the reservoir. The condensate accumulates in the near well bore region, which results in a decrease in production. Even in a lean gas reservoir (<1% dropout), significant amounts of fluid can accumulate reducing production by a factor of two or three. The amount of blocking depends on several factors including fluid properties, formation characteristics, flow rate and pressure.

  • Gaza ceasefire eases oil prices

    The Oil price has been raised briefly on fears of heightened tension in the Middle East following Israel's offensive attacks on the Gaza Strip while after the cease-fire edged the prices lower

  • European energy stability in the Russian hands

    Signing a 10-year gas deal between Russia and Ukraine has put an end to the large dispute that caused more than 15 nations to scramble for alternative sources of energy

  • The Petroleum Masters Championship

    The ongoing hunting race for oil production is never limited; the E&P wheel never stops and each operator is not only seeking the economic profit it can add to his treasury, but also he is competing for taking the lead as the top achiever of the year

  • Monthly News

    News of the month, know more about the recent activities this industry has shown during January 2009.