Issue: December 2011



  • Oil & Finance… The Epic Corruption

    In his latest controversial book, Raymond J. Learsy presented a real-time account of a nation in crisis, filled with contemplations and reactions. He suggests ways to reduce dependence on foreign oil, develop alternative energy sources, stabilize economy and shore up the national security. Learsy condemns governments of major countries, mainly the U.S, along with the OPEC for providing misinformation about the oil prices, which has pervaded the understanding of how oil prices were determined and how the willful disinformation that was being circulated by them to make people meekly acquiesce to a rigged, manipulated and speculator driven market

  • The Cloud of Uncertainty Ushers in 2012

    As 2012 is around the corner, the team of Egypt Oil & Gas newspaper attempts to review the performance of the various hydrocarbon producers operating in Egypt, during this historic and eventful year. After examining several quarterly reports, there seems to be a positive trend that is moving counter to the country's political instability. In fact, the majority of petroleum companies have declared an increase in production and revenues in their reports, while the official production rates showed some sort of decline.

  • A Rising Star in A World of Giants

    PetroSenan, a new comer to the hydrocarbon industry, is believed to have a promising future in Egypt's petroleum industry. Since its foundation in October 2010, PetroSenan has demonstrated a strong dedication to significantly raise its production rates. Despite its relatively small size in comparison to veteran operators in the country, the company has cleverly wiggled its way into Egypt's competitive petroleum market

  • Qasr Gas Development Project

    The Seth development project is one of the major projects that is held by the Belayim Petroleum company (Petrobel) on behalf of the Pharaonic Company

  • Expanding in Africa is our way out

    The year of 2011 has been a challenging year for most petroleum companies, but having three out of four branches located in Arab countries, which have been experiencing political and economic unrests, has further hardened the progress of Petrographics. The 100% Egyptian oil service company has been struggling this year to maintain its ambitious development plan, believing that the expansion in the African market is the best solution during this critical time. This is what Mr. Hany Abd El Halim, Chairman of Petrographics explains further in this interview.

  • Mediterranean Shale… Success Story

    Taurt-7 is a development well drilled in Taurt concession in the Mediterranean Sea owned by BP/IEOC -50/50 and operated by Petrobel

    M-I Swaco is the drilling fluids service for this well , The 12.25'' hole was drilled to 1,534m using M-I high performance water base mud ULTRADRIL through Mediterranean reactive shale.


    Most chief marketers admit they are not sufficiently plugged into real-time conversations about their brands CMOs struggling to prove the return on marketing investments

  • Monthly News

    News of the month, know more about the recent activities this industry has shown during November 2011.