Issue: December 2010



  • Drilling the market’s, high hope

    Trying its best to escalate the national production rates, the Egyptian Petroleum Ministry's attempts to achieve this goal cannot be emphasized in reality without influencing the drilling, production as well as development plans of the petroleum companies operating in the domestic market

  • A $245-million development plan for Al-Amal Field

    Characterized by being one of the very few 100% Egyptian E&P companies, Al-Amal Petroleum Company has succeeded to generate some fruitful results of oil and gas production. Eng. Abdallah Abdel Mawgoud, AMAPETCO CEO, reveals the company’s new development plan, exclusively to Egypt Oil & Gas.

  • Newcomer, yet promising as experienced

    ''We are targeting the production of 22 thousand barrels of oil per day during the coming five years,'' stressed Eng. Abdul Khaleq El Tahawy, Chairman of PetroSannan Company, in his interview with Egypt Oil & Gas newspaper.

  • When prices wobble subsidies’ balance

    Petroleum product subsidies have again started to rise with the slow recover of international prices. This note reviews recent developments in terms of subsidy levels and argues that it is necessary to reform the policy framework for setting petroleum product prices in order to reduce the fiscal burden of these subsidies and to address the market change

  • Legal safeguards in Egypt’s petroleum concession agreements

    The Petroleum Industry is one of the most dynamic and flourishing industries in Egypt and petroleum production is by far the largest single industrial activity, representing eight to ten percent of Egypt's GDP. The Egyptian Government is encouraging the International Oil Companies (IOC) to participate in the activity of exploration and exploiting oil and natural gas. Actually, more than 50 international companies are operating in Egypt. Hence, rules and regulations are crucial to control the foreign operations in the country

  • Exploring the brighter side

    Looking back at a year filled with ups and downs, one cannot disclaim the role that the Ministry of Petroleum played to expand Egypt's relations with other countries... and yet more to come

  • SPE-CUSC continues serving the community

    The Society of Petroleum Engineers, Cairo University Student Chapter (SPE-CUSC) has been playing an effective role in the students' field serving the petroleum industry by developing the students' educational, technical and social skills to minimize minimizing the gap between them and the companies' requirements.

  • Monthly News

    News of the month, know more about the recent activities this industry has shown during November 2010.