Issue: December 2008



  • Fahmy: Time for Russian ties

    Over the past two months, there have been intensive discussions and negotiations between the Egyptian petroleum top officials and their Russian counterparts studying the means to bolster the mutual cooperation between the two countries. Why is Russia becoming today’s world attention? What benefits would the Russian cooperation generate to Egypt? Hady Fahmy, President of the Egyptian Chamber of Petroleum and Mining sheds lights on the fruitfulness of the Russian-Egyptian ties

  • More Russian wave to flood into Egypt

    Becoming today’s world hub, economically and industrially, Russia has been symbolizing the ideal gateway for most nations seeking prosperity and wealth by strengthening mutual ties. Following this strategy, Egyptian officials have worked closely with their Russian counterparts to revive the mutual cooperation between the two countries and bring more investments in the country

  • Change has come

    Perhaps one of the main reasons behind Barack Obama's historic, illustrious victory in the U.S presidential elections on November 4th was his energy agenda. Having suffered for a long time from rising oil prices, which hit the $146 mark at some point few months ago; many Americans left their cars behind and used public transportation. According to Obama's energy plan, American taxpayers will each get a $500 rebate check – funded by profits taxes to be levied on big oil companies

  • Much ado about cartel

    Since the announcements made last month by the world's three biggest reserves of natural gas; Russia, Iran, and Qatar, about their attempt to establish an OPEC-style organization for natural gas exporters, speculations about the formation of the natural gas cartel were sparked worldwide

  • The Truth about Tape Part II

    Over the last few decades, the IT industry has been the battleground for a number of heated debates concerning the future of technology. One of the most interesting debates revolves around "Tape versus Disk" that has raged for years

  • Monthly News

    News of the month, know more about the recent activities this industry has shown during November 2008.