Issue: December 2007



  • 2007 ready to grant its fortune of successful attainments to 2008

    With 2008 just around the corner, the oil and gas industry makers should first evaluate and assess the achievements attained and goals fulfilled during 2007 before going ahead with their plans for the new year. One of the more obvious features of this year is the tremendous increase in volume of discoveries, investments and profit. Yet, there have been some drawbacks and controversies which have had some negative affects on the sector.

  • Dashed hopes

    Ahli's winning streak was halted, but for a while

  • Books Review

    History of Oil Well Drilling, Petroleum Refining: Technology and Economics: Fifth Edition, Post-Petroleum Survival Guide and Cookbook: Recipes for Changing Times, and Alcohol Can Be A Gas!

  • Treading the nuclear path

    Egypt decided at lastto go nuclear


    Belayim Land field is one of the oldest and largest oil fields in Egypt. It was discovered in 1954. Its current daily production is about 80,000 BOPD. It produces oil from many sandstone reservoirs, Rudeis, Kareem, Belayim and South Gharib. Rudeis formation is the lowest reservoir in the Anticline structure that forming the field. The sandstone section of Rudeis formation is of an excellent reservoir quality. It is composed of quartz arenite with 22% average porosity and 800 md average horizontal gas permeability. The vertical permeability is about 0.9 of the horizontal permeability. The crude oil is of moderate quality with about 20 API.

  • TOPTECH Egypt Successfully Implements the Infrastructure Consolidation & Data Availability Project for HC Brokerage

    TOPTECH Egypt has became one of the leading companies, specialized in providing advanced infrastructure consolidation and data availability integrated solutions relying on its highly qualified task force of professional sales team, IT experienced consultants, IBM Certified presales and technical experts and Microsoft Certified Engineers (MCSE, MCSA, and MCDBA); in addition to its business partners; IBM, Microsoft and Symantec who work with TOPTECH deeply in designing, consulting and integrating the proposed solutions.

  • Oil Price View ‘Short-tirm oil price outlook’

    Although we have revised our mediumand longterm oil price forecasts upwards, we continue to believe that there is a risk of seasonal weakness now that the US driving season is over. This view is discussed in more detail later but is based on three main arguments...

  • Monthly News

    News of the month, know more about the recent activities this industry has shown during November 2007. Please download PDF.