Issue: December 2006



  • 2006: A mixed bag of goodies

    With 2007 just around the corner, a look at what has happened the past year will undoubtedly aid in preempting what is to come. In Egypt, several changes have occurred in the energy sector in general, and the oil and gas sector in specific.

  • Time for an alternative

    Scientists and experts have agreed that the petroleum era will sooner or later come to an end and nations will be struggling to meet their oil and gas needs, which will possibly open the door for a third world war. Egypt Oil and Gas Newspaper discussed with Dr. Salah El-Haggar, Professor of Energy and Environment at the American University in Cairo, the option of searching for alternative energies in order to secure the generations to come.

  • Addicted to Oil: America’s Relentless Drive for Energy Security

    In Addicted to Oil: America's Relentless Drive for Energy Security, Ian Rutledge portrays the motorization of the United States of America. He argues that America's oil dependence determines how it makes foreign policy decisions and offers a convincing historical, sociological, economical, and political assessment of how and why this has come to pass.

  • Brent spooked by political uncertainty

    A look at the international political scene in 2006 and its effect on Brent prices.

  • Drexel Oilfield Equipment Egypt – 30 years of success

    With the end of this year, Drexel has accomplished 30 years of distinguished services in the oil and gas sector in Egypt and the Middle East.

  • Breaching national boundaries to achieve international success

    In 1996, it went against the flow and invaded the drilling market, by being the first true Egyptian-Chinese joint venture in the drilling sector. Maintaining an outstanding record throughout the past eight years has placed the Egyptian Chinese Drilling Company (ECDC) as the second largest drilling company in Egypt. Ayman Abbas, Managing Director of ECDC shares this fascinating story of success with Egypt Oil and Gas Newspaper and expresses his vision concerning the development of Egypt's rig market.

  • Nuke it

    Egypt will go nuclear to fulfill its ever-increasing energy needs. But to what extent will this controversial move affect the oil and gas industry?

  • Adding fuel to competition

    Oil companies' teams have yet to fuel the national football league competitions.

  • The Value of Beam pumping System Automation

    The need to enhance well-performance is driving the growth of well automation and optimization systems. In today's efficiency demanding business world, producers require systems that are capable of more than simply increasing the rate of production. Producers also desire the ability to decrease system failure rates consequently minimizing well down time and lifting cost by extending equipment running life, thus maximizing total system efficiency.