Issue: August 2014




  • Egypt Can Move Forward with Energy

    With the establishment of the new El-Sisi government there is some hope for a more secure and more stable Egypt, but this is not guaranteed. The good general likely knows very well of the threats to energy, water, food and economic infrastructure that may lurk in Egypt.

  • The Growing Threats to Security in Egypt’s Oil and Gas Sector

    From militant bombings to organized crime and isolated events of theft, oil and gas infrastructure in the remote areas of Sinai and the Western Desert have always been vulnerable to gaps in security. In the midst of severe energy shortages and national and regional political tension—industry experts and officials express concern over the growing threat.

  • A Smarter Way to Allocate Bread?

    It was early morning and Mahdi Abdisalem, 17, was waiting in line at a state-subsidized bakery in the Nazlt El Smam neighborhood of Giza, a short walk from the pyramids. “It’s an Egyptian routine” he said, “I wake up at 6am, my mother sends me out, and I wait for hours.”

  • Israel’s Energy Future: A CHANGE IN THE GAME

    The name Yuval Bartov is not well known even in energy circles, yet he did something historic and world-changing. While taking samples of rock in the Middle East in 2009, he pulled up a sample of rock that contained oil. He was southwest of Jerusalem, Israel.

  • DCS System for Petreco Plant

    This Petrobel project includes upgrading of an existing obsolete control system at Petreco control room from single loop to control to DCS system, and also including field instruments replacement to cope with DCS.