Issue: August 2011



  • Egypt’s Petroleum Services Market: The winning horse for Oil Companies in Egypt

    The new fiscal year (2011/2012) has been described by experts in the field of petroleum industries as a major obstacle. Such difficult times are being attributed to the Revolution of January the 25th and its aftermath; the continuous protests and increased instability have negatively affected all industrial sectors in Egypt, and has put strain on the petroleum industry in particular.

  • Industry overhaul: A call for reform

    A team of energy professionals explore challenges facing Egypt's petroleum sector and debate solutions for the industry at the Egypt Oil & Gas Reform 2011 roundtable discussion.

  • Reviewing the offshore rig market

    The offshore rig market continues to suffer worldwide from an oversupply of new rigs that outstrips demand. As the newly delivered rigs have been built at advanced specifications, older rigs have more trouble securing contracts

  • Subsea Safety

    The political events of the last few months have left Egypt's economy in a battered state. The country's once lucrative tourism industry suffers and the stock market continues to struggle as financiers scale back their investments. The oil and gas industry however, has largely been able to maintain its successes and continues to see investments despite the need for some reforms.

  • FIT into the right management

    Being the first of its kind in the country has been a motivation factor that has strengthened the company's aim to establish its solid roots in Egypt. The Fleet Information Technology (FIT) cherishes the concept of providing advanced fleet management and drivers control solutions by creating invocative technology that helps in reducing fleet cost and increase productivity

  • Monthly News

    News of the month, know more about the recent activities this industry has shown during July 2011.